Germany Floods: Major Sinkhole Appears In Village After Devastating Rains

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Massive rains in Germany have formed a sinkhole following the collapse of a quarry dam in the western German village of Erftstadt-Blessem.

Apparently, the river Erft hurried into the gravel pit that was unable to deal with the mounting water pressure. The sinkhole is gradually getting bigger and is spanned across 300 meters currently.

As many as 110 people have passed away in western Germany due to the severe floods in what is being described as one of the heaviest rainfalls recorded in the country in decades.

Moreover, other European nations such as the Netherlands and Belgium are also presently dealing with these serious floods.

With respect to the sinkhole, around 50 people have been evacuated from the same in the previous night though the total number of deaths in the town could not be confirmed.

In fact, the spontaneous erosion means that many homes and cars have been drawn into it whereas rescuers have worked swiftly to save the ones who have been trapped in their houses.

Moreover, the district authorities have also warned the locals to not return back to their homes given that they still would have to deal with danger to their lives, Mirror reports.

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