German Children Find WW II Shells and Bullets Using Fishing Magnets, Cops on Alert

In a disturbing discovery, three children in Germany managed to fish out World War II era bullets and shells from a pond in eastern Germany using just magnets.

The children made the discovery in the little village of Wölfis in Thuringia on Saturday, news agency DW reported. The trio had been visiting the town on a fishing trip over the weekend. However, instead of catching fish, the children reeled in the unusual and potentially dangerous find. Upon finding the shells and bullets, the children instantly reported the incident to local police.

Even as no one was hurt in the incident, police have cordoned off the town of Ohrdruf and told locals to be on the lookout for any such objects dating back to the war. Authorities have also asked locals to refrain from indulging in "unusual and not recommended" hobbies like fishing.

Unexploded ordnance, bombs, shells and other ammunition continue to litter Germany in thousands even after nearly 75 years of war. Some 2.7 million tons of bombs were dropped by US and British forces across Europe. Nearly half of these landed in Germany.

These could be potentially dangerous as sometimes, unexploded ordnance that are basically deployed ammunition that did not explode, could detonate even after decades of lying in dormancy.