The Gentlemen Movie Review: All about entertainment

Film: The Gentlemen

Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Hugh Grant, Henry Golding, Michelle Dockery, Colin Farrell, Jeremy Strong, Jason Wong, Eddie Marsan, Chris Evangelou

Director: Guy Ritchie

Rating: ****

I have been thinking a lot lately about the perennially romantic hero Hugh Grant and wondering why he wasn’t diversifying and here he is, courtesy Madonna’s ex Ritchie, essaying a totally unscrupulous homosexual in a crime caper. Headlined by an A-list ensemble of actors, the film is straddled by rival drug lords, specifically, a Jewish billionaire played by Jeremy Strong, and Chinese underworld figures, Lord George (Tom Wu) and Dry Eye (Henry Golding) who hatch plots to acquire American expat Michael (Matthew McConaughey) Pearson’s massive British-based marijuana empire which is up for sale. Michael wants to quit, this self made man who catapulted himself from a trailer to the high life, since he has got “blood on his hands”. In other words, his conscience has begun to prick him.

All this, viewers get to know, at the very beginning, from the film’s narrator, dodgy British private detective Fletcher (Hugh Grant) who attempts to blackmail Michael, through his loyal Man Friday, Raymond (Charlie Hunnam) by flaunting a dossier of incriminating photos, videos etc assembled at the behest of London tabloid editor Big Dave (Eddie Marsan) As the rogue tells it, avarice, betrayal, lies, deception, are par for the course.

Interestingly, the titular Gentlemen have their own code of conduct, as evinced by boxing coach (Colin Farrell) and Michael who tells one of the drug lords, “I deal in harmless marijuana but you are pushing destructive heroin.”

A number of quirky twists and brutal killings (some unforeseen) later, the briskly paced actioner comes to a satisfying close. Stylistically riveting, smartly scripted, helmed and acted, The Gentlemen makes for an exceedingly entertaining watch.

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