General election debates 2019: When will the BBC and ITV shows air on TV?

Tom Herbert
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has hit back and Prime Minister Boris Johnson's call to 'man up' and back a snap election: AP

The BBC and ITV are set to host a number of debates in the build-up to the general election later this year.

ITV said a head-to-head will take place between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn in November, while the BBC will host two separate ones afterwards.

One will be between just the two main party leaders, while the other will be a "seven-way podium debate" between the leaders of the main parties.

The broadcasters' decisions not to include Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson in two of the debates is not without controversy, with the party threatening legal action over it.

Here's all you need to know about the general election TV debates.

When are the election debates?

ITV have confirmed that a head-to-head debate will be held on Tuesday, November 19.

The BBC will host two debates after the ITV one has been aired. The first one will again be a head-to-head clash, this time on on Friday, December 6 from Southampton - six days before the election date.

The broadcaster will then air a seven-way podium debate on Friday, November 29 from Cardiff.

A number of Question Time-style specials will also be held in the run-up to polling day.

A special two-hour long "Leaders' Special" version of the show will take place on November 22 from Cardiff, with two more specials planned with the leader of the Brexit Party and one of the co-leaders of the Green Party.

One final Question Time special aimed at voters under 30 will be aired on Monday, December 9.

The BBC will host debates in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland featuring the main parties in each country.

Who is taking part in the debates?

The ITV debate and the BBC Prime Ministerial Debate on December 6 will both be between the Prime Minister and Mr Corbyn.

Meanwhile the BBC Election Debate on November 29 will be a seven-way podium debate between leaders or senior figures from seven major British parties including The Brexit Party, Plaid Cymru and the SNP.

For the Question Time Leaders' Special Mr Johnson, Mr Corbyn, Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon and Ms Swinson will each take questions from the audience for 30 minutes across two hours.

Who is hosting the debates?

The BBC debates will be hosted by journalist Nick Robinson, the Question Time shows by Fiona Bruce and the show aimed at under-30s will be hosted by BBC 5 Live's Emma Barnett.

ITV's debate will be hosted by presenter Julie Etchingham.

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