Gehlot urges PM to consider making FIR registration a must on each complaint in country

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Jaipur, Nov 12 (PTI) Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Thursday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to consider having a system of mandatory registration of FIRs on each compliant all over the country on lines of Rajasthan.

In his letter, Gehlot argued that making the FIR registration a must on each complaint may give an impression that the crime rate in an area has gone up drastically, but in reality, it is only the reporting of the incidents that goes up.

And that, in turn, puts an effective check on the commission of the crime and leads to an effective and preventive policing.

Referring to the policing innovations in Rajasthan, he said other states too can take advantage of this effective and sensitive system.

A system of mandatory registration of FIRs can be implemented across the country for maintaining law and order in an effective manner, he said.

In his letter, Gehlot said in order to remove the complexity in the registration of crimes, Rajasthan implemented a system of mandatory registration of FIRs in 2019.

As per this system, if a police station refuses to register an FIR, it can be lodged at the office of the district superintendent of police as well and refusal to lodge the case also entails a disciplinary action against erring officers, he said.

The chief minister said a mandatory FIR system is bound to jack up the crime figures in the state, a fact also recognised by the National Crime Record Bureau in its 2019 report.

The NCRB report, however, has also pointed out that there is a difference between the increase in crime and the increase in reporting and registration of crimes. PTI AG RAX RAX