Geeta Kapoor's Last Words: Mera Raja Aayega. 10 Hours Gone, Son Hasn't Arrived For Last Rites!

Put your hands together for this man who abandoned his mother in a hospital and ran away as if the cops were chasing him for a crime he had committed, and has not yet turned up at Cooper Hospital (Irla) where his mother Geeta Kapoor's body lies waiting for him to come and perform her last rites so that her soul may (really, may) rest in peace. Actress Geeta Kapoor (67), who acted in films like Pakeezah and Razia Sultan, breathed her last this morning at SRV Hospital.

Social activist and producer Ashoke Pandit who looked after her by putting her in an old age home (along with Ramesh Taurani) and even meeting her off and on, says, "My anger is increasing by the minute. Raja hasn't arrived for the last rites. Yes, as I said earlier we will wait for 2 days as that's the law if no family member has come forward. It is a shame that he hasn't turned up yet."

Ashoke Pandit And Geeta Kapoor

What is also not known yet is that Geeta Kapoor's health was slipping downhill by the day, since the past three months. "She was barely on some liquid diet, she had gone blank, and all that I heard from her even two days before her death when I met her was 'Mera Raja Aayega'."

(Late) Mohan Kumar, you were so right in Avatar and made such a masterpiece. Sigh!

Concludes Pandit, "If you ask me, Geetaji had a very, very sad death. She died in hope, err, despair. Life is a full circle. Geetaji's grandson might behave similarly with their parents."

Raja beta, if you have any shame left, there is still time to come before the world and say that you committed the biggest blunder of your life and go on to seek some redemption.

This is a developing story. Stay on to know what happens next in this tragic tale.

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