Gearing up to 'reclaim' India Gate

Ritam Halder

New Delhi, Dec. 27 -- Activist Kavita Krishnan, who has emerged as one of the leaders in the recent protests against gangrape, said protesters would "reclaim India Gate" on Thursday.

"How dare they take it away from us?" she questioned while protesting at Jantar Mantar on Wednesday. However, the number of protesters was lesser compared to other days.

"We demand immediate withdrawal of Section 144. We want to assert our right to assemble and protest peacefully at India Gate. We also condemn the action of a handful of anti-social elements who have tried to provoke violence," the activist said.

Around 2,000 people from 20-odd organisations and women groups, under the banner of Justice For Women Now, are expected to assemble at the Nizamuddin Golchakkar on Thursday and march towards the India Gate.

"No organisation banners, flags or slogans are allowed as this march will be under the aegis of the newly formed Justice For Women Now. No form of violence or provocation will be tolerated. It will be a peaceful protest," Krishnan said.

Students across campuses in the city are being mobilised through campaigning by student unions.

Some of the demands of the Justice For Women Now include the removal of Delhi police commissioner, fast-tracking of around one lakh pending rape cases across the country within 100 days, registration of FIRs in case of rape/ sexual harassment and crimes against women, expansion of safe public transport for women, etc.

The activist also condoled the death of the police constable in the violence on December 23.

Published by HT Syndication with permission from Hindustan Times.