Gearing up for performance appraisal? Here's how you can make the most of it

Vanilla Sharma
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It is that time of the year when almost every organisation – besides its day-to-day functioning – is abuzz with the performance appraisal of all its employees. And the word itself comes with a mix of emotions right from anticipation to anxiety.

Performance appraisal not only is an opportunity to highlight your accomplishments through the year but it also opens a channel of open communication between the employee and the employer. It also gives a chance to the two parties to discuss roles and responsibilities and how these can be achieved through mutual efforts and cooperation.

Here are a few things to keep in mind so that the appraisal this year is beneficial to the employee as well as the employer:

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Prepare beforehand

Preparing yourself before an appraisal is a long procedure. And this point applies to an employer as well as an employee. Think about the details that you would like to discuss and make sure to do it in a concise way and not beat about the bush.

Proof of your achievements

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One cannot just walk into a performance-appraisal meeting and talk about all that they have done in the year without having anything to show for it. Make sure you have the necessary documentation for it and proving a point will be much easier. Also, discuss the challenges faced and how these issues can be worked around.

Clear all confusion regarding the work

In case you have any confusion or doubts regarding your roles and responsibilities, this is the perfect time to clear things out. These doubts may pertain to existing responsibilities as well as something new that has been allotted to you.

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Find a common ground

When you work in a large team, disagreements are a part of the work. You and your employer, too, might have a difference in opinion in a lot of matters, but that doesn't need to create an atmosphere of discord. Try to find a common ground and working together will be much easier and enjoyable.

Performance appraisal

Discuss career development

Discuss with your employer how your roles and responsibilities will add to the development of your career. If you think that the position or your job profile is not adding value to your career talk it out and plan on what can be done to achieve these goals.

Set reasonable future goals

Performance appraisal is not only a way to look back at the year that was but also to plan on what you intend to do in the new year. Discuss the specific improvements that you would like to make to your job and responsibilities and how these can be achieved. Discuss ways to use your strengths to your advantage and how that can also be beneficial to the team and the organisation in the long run.

While performance appraisal opens up a channel of communication, where issues and other things can be discussed in detail, it is also extremely beneficial to communicate on a regular basis to avoid any kind of chinks at work than waiting for months for the appraisal meeting.

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