Gayatri Mantra Can Treat COVID-19? AIIMS Rishikesh Undertakes Research to Find Effects of Chanting Mantra, Pranayama on Coronavirus Patients

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Dehradun, March 21: Ever since the first case of COVID-19 came to light, various researchers, medical experts and institutions are trying to find a cure to the infectious various. In line with this, the All India Institute of Medical Science, Rishikesh has also started a research to study the effects of chanting Gayatri Mnatra and performing Pranayama on coronavirus patients. It is a 14-day long trial study in which the researchers will observe he changes in the level of inflammation in the body. AIIMS, Rishikesh Begins Plasma Therapy for COVID-19 Patients.

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For the purpose of the research, the institute has identified 20 patients -divided into two equal groups A and B. The COVID-19 patients from Group A will be chanting the Mantra, along with one hour Pranayama session in morning and evening in addition to the usual treatment. While the patients in Group B will be given the usual treatment for coronavirus only. AIIMS Rishikesh Successfully Tests Low-cost Indigenous Ventilator.

Before the start of trial, various parameters that measure the inflammatory levels of the human body including C-reactive protein, Interleukin 6(IL6) levels among others will be recorded. At the end of two weeks research, these levels will be reexamined ti find out the effect of chanting Gayatri Mantra and doing Pranayama on Group A patients as compare to Group B patients.

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As per reports, the research has been sponsored by the Union Government's Department of Science & Technology (DST). Sources told Outlook India that the trials are underway and once the study is completed, the report will be compiled and a decision will be taken about its publication.