Gary Chivichyan: Armenia’s Rising Basketball Icon

Saqib Malik
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Gary Chivichyan is a young basketball player achieving more and more with each passing season. The son of the famed martial arts star Gokor Chivichyan is a lengthy 6’5 SG coming to the end of his college career. He has made 235 three-pointers during his career and has been compared to college basketball legend JJ Reddick, widely regarded as one of the best 3pt shooters in the history of college basketball. Before Gary attended the University of the Pacific for his senior and final year, he was one of Idaho State’s most successful long-range shooters in the school’s history. In his three-year career playing at Idaho State, Gary Finished 4th in three-point field goals made in the record books.

Vast Potential

A great deal of investment is made in the young player, who is already perhaps the best-known Armenian basketball player in history. He is increasingly growing in popularity amongst basketball fans from around the world and has a rapidly growing base and powerful social media presence. 

Flying the Flag For Armenia

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Chivichyan was the only Armenian basketball player in Division 1 this past season. Chivichyan, who is keen to share that he is of full Armenian descent, is prideful of his heritage and accomplishments as a pure Armenian; and has become one of the most significant advocates for competitive sports and its benefits in the community. Chivichyan finished his senior year at the University of The Pacific, ranking second in points scored on a deep team which had a 13-man rotation. The team’s fortunes improved dramatically in the current year upon Chivichyan’s arrival. Gary is regarded as a possible NBA prospect due to his elite-level shooting and the ability to score the ball at will. “He has incredible marketing potential, appealing to not only American basketball fans but Armenians, Europeans and middle east sports fans too. “He has the potential to sell jerseys, fill the seats, and has a great story that makes people gravitate towards him”- Prospective Endorser. Chivichyan is a dual citizen of Armenia and The United States and is a member of the Armenian National Basketball team. His goal is to become a role model for the Armenian youth. And is dedicated to continuing on his upward trend.

A Global Force

Chivichyan has become increasingly prominent in the media and his courteous attention from a range of investors, sponsors, sports brands, and more. Gary’s success has been on several media-related outlets nationwide, such as ABC, NBC, and CBS. Gary will soon be seeking out a reliable and successful agent who’s ready to make the most of his potential. No matter what the future holds, it’s expected that Gary will become a household name in the coming years, not only across the United States but around the world. 

2019-2020 Pacific Tigers Achievements

The Pacific Tigers had one of their most successful seasons in school history. The program was taken over by ex-NBA player Damon Stoudamire four years ago with hopes to turn Pacific into a competitive WCC school. In the 2019-2020 season, The University of Pacific Men’s basketball team finished with a 23-10 record (11-5 WCC) and achieved the highest net ranking in school history. Pacific finished tied for 3rd in the West Coast Conference rankings (schools best), which boasts some of the most successful college basketball programs in the nation such as Gonzaga, St Marys and BYU (All placed in the top 25 college rankings this season). 

Professional Interest

As his time at the University of the Pacific comes to an end, it seems increasingly clear that Gary has the brightest of futures ahead of him. It’s said that a host of professional (Europe/NBA) teams are keen to secure his signature and take advantage of his excellent basketball talents and marketing potential. With a successful brand identity, the right agent and management team can monetize on Chivichyan’s potential on and off the court. Just weeks after the end of the college basketball season, many corporations and online publishers have reached out to Chivichyan for interviews, endorsements, and professional business offers.

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