From Garlic to Herb ‘Sticks!’ Things You Should Never Put into Your Vagina

Shaloo Tiwari
We have seen garlic, parsley, herb infusions, vaginal softners, fillers, vaginal glitter, vaginal jade eggs, etc. and we are seriously done now!

Intimate area care or vaginal care has created quite a buzz in the past decade. It is now more than ever that people are talking a lot about taking extra care of the vaginal area. Whether it is new vaginal care products or therapies like vaginal steaming, etc. every day we see something new come that has to either be inserted or applied on the female genitals. We have seen intimate wash creams, herb infusions, to vaginal softner and fillers. Other items that went into many vaginas this year as per the trend are vaginal glitter and vaginal jade eggs. Some were to beautify the vagina whereas some were about improving the sexual experience, but people did experiment with shoving a lot of things into their vaginas. Most of the times experts openly discuss the ill effects of inserting unverified, random things into the vagina without enough information about it from a legitimate source.

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Here's a list of weird things that went up the vagina but shouldn't have!

Herb-Infused Stick

Also known as 'Jamu sticks' this company claimed to ‘clean’ and tighten the vagina and also increase sexual pleasure. A lot of the description was also sexist as it read how taking care of a husband is a significant life challenge for Indonesian women, and that it primarily involves concern for sexuality as such, including proper intimate hygiene very carefully and it very easily didn't care to explain how a herb infused stick could help improve sex lives of women and "clean" their vaginas. They also claim that the sticks can help with the "exfoliation" of the vaginal dead skin to keep the genitalia healthy.

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A rumour spread like a wildfire that said, inserting parsley into Vagina could help you get your periods early. parsley is an emmenagogue, a substance which increases menstrual flow that can 'soften the cervix and level out hormonal imbalances'. However, doctors have urged women to never insert vegetables into the vagina saying it could cause severe health risk including potential death.


Putting Garlic into Vagina to ‘Cure’ Yeast Infection is a BAD Idea Says this Doctor, Here’s What You Should KnowWhile garlic may have tonnes of health benefits if you include it into your diet, inserting garlic into your vajayjays won't help! OBGYN, sexpert Dr Jennifer Gunter had to set the records straight on Twitter to explain why this is such a bad idea. Garlic contains allicin, in THE LAB it MAY have antifungal (i.e. anti-yeast) properties. This is in a lab, not even in mice — just a dish of cells. Your vagina is not a dish of cells.

Jade Eggs

Sometime back a lifestyle website, Goop faced a lawsuit for making health claims about jade eggs that inserting these eggs could improve vaginal health. The website was sold out of these eggs, however health experts had clearly put forth that sticking jade eggs into your vagina and walking around isn't a great idea!

Sea Sponges

While the whole world is trying to find a reasonable alternative to reusable pads, women are out he insertings sea sponges into their vagina thinking of it to be "reusable", "nurturing" alternatives to tampons. There are even companies cashing on this new "trend" of using sea sponges as tampons. However, OB/GYN Dr Jen Gunter retweeted a link to Holy Sponge's $40 "Ritual Menstruation Kit" being sold by the retailer Otherwild that someone was recommending online. She slammed the recommendation by calling it "untested and potentially very unsafe" as well as "filled with dirt".

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