Gang held for stealing over Rs 40 crore from Mumbai ATMs

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Gang held for stealing over Rs 40 crore from Mumbai ATMs

The gang managed to steal the money by using duplicate ATM cards.

There have been several cases of gangs looting money from ATMs after they manage to gain access to ATM pins or OTPs of victims. But this time the property cell of Mumbai crime branch arrested a gang who stole crores of rupees from bank accounts without PIN numbers or OTPs.

The gang managed to steal money from ATMs by cloning cards. They would largely target tourists at different places. They managed to steal over Rs 40 crore since 2013.

Cloning is used by several gangs of late. Once they acquire bank account details, they use the information to make duplicate cards.

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Following investigations, the cell arrested Zuber Sayed, a resident of Mira Road, Hasan Sheikh of Malwani, Fahim Shora from Andheri, Abu Bakr - a resident Badlapur - and Mukesh Sharma.

The accused told the Police they would get account details of these foreigners and then make duplicate copies of ATM, debit and credit cards. The gang would use these cards at shops where they saw the foreigners would mostly shop at.

DCP Sachin Sawant said the gang had been to tourist places like Goa, Bangalore, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Jaipur and Kullu Manali. Here they would ask the local shop owners for their help in return for which they would get a 20-30 per cent commission.

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The gang would keep a track of banking hours in different countries and accordingly they would swipe the card just 2-3 minutes before closing time. This is why customers could not register complaints against the amounts withdrawn from their accounts.

The following morning, before the bank opened, the swiped amount would be deposited at the shop owner's account out of which he would keep his share and transferred the rest to Zuber and his gang.

Cops recovered 51 swipe machines, 65 fake ATM, debit and credit cards, several cheque books, two laptops and 10 mobile phone accessories like card readers and writers.

Foreign customers would get back their money from insurance companies in the name of bank fraud, thus no complaints were ever made.