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Zodiac signs inside of horoscope circle. Astrology in the sky with many stars and moons  astrology and horoscopes concept
Zodiac signs inside of horoscope circle. Astrology in the sky with many stars and moons astrology and horoscopes concept

Aries ( 21st March to 20th April)

As per the Vedic Astrology analysis, the year is expected to start on a positive note with many surprises. During the mid-part of the year, certain planetary positions may bring challenging and fresh professional opportunities at the career front. It is suggested to keep control of your negative emotions during this phase. In the latter half of the year, there may be some professional growth. But it is advisable to keep control of your temper. Otherwise, it may affect your relationship. With the arrival of New Year, your financial status may experience good growth. It is a favourable time for the long time investment, but be careful about the greedy scheme as it may lure you. It is advised to stay away from any kind of risk-taking scheme in the share market this year. As the year will end, you may find some good opportunities for financial growth.

As far as your love life is concerned, you may be blessed with some positive cosmic events, but it is suggested to have your focus on enjoying rather than expecting. This year, you can expect great support and love from your partner. However, someday you may feel low in intimacy, but remember, it is just for a temporary period. In regards to your education and academic front, planets may be in your favour for the major part of the year. The entire year, you may face lots of effort and struggle regarding your studies, or you may face some mental pressure also. But in the end, you may get success which can give you immense happiness. There may be some days when you would feel lazy, but routine exercise may help you to overcome this. In some phases, you may be serious about your studies, which may prove progressive for overall growth.

When talking about your marriage and domestic life, most of the year might bring successive growth. Your desire to get freedom may increase. However, you may face some emotional turmoil, so it is suggested to maintain a balance between things. You may expect some changes regarding your domestic life, so before making any change, it’s better to discuss with your loved one.

On the health front, there is nothing to be concerned about, you might spend this year with no major ailments. However, there may be some days where you might feel low, but it would be for a short period. Most of the time, you may feel calm and composed.

Taurus (21st April to 21st May)

As per the Vedic astrological analysis, the period would remain supportive of your professional life. You may expect growth in knowledge and personality. You may find creative ways to accomplish your project and see benefits regarding all your undertakings. Some days you may feel sluggish, but overall, the period would keep you in a happy mood which only enhances your performance. The later year, the planetary situation would support your career growth, and you may also be confident about your ability to earn.

Regarding your financial segment, the year would be satisfactory and receive plenty of opportunities. Expenses may increase social commitments. But as the year progresses, you may see growth in fortune and wealth. The mid-year 2021, is good for long-term investment and for implementing your economic plans. By mid-September, you may take your financial status to new heights with a crucial plan and a new way of thinking. But, It is advised to just relax.

This year, your supportive destiny would bring positive results in your love and relationship. It may be a decisive year when it comes to your relationship status. You may experience everything new in your love life. Over expectation may hurt, and your harsh words create harm in your love life. So, It advises you to control your opposing emotions. On some days you may see intimacy and enjoyment in your love life.

Regarding your education, the year may prove supportive and would accomplish all your expectations. But, there is a condition: don't be lazy and focus on your studies only. Make the best use of every important thing that would enable your dreams to come true. People with second chances in exams may also hear good news. It is advised to not to miss any opportunities. Especially in the mid-year, it is suggested you to not be lazy and be punctual. Overall, the period appears good for you with many golden opportunities.

Zodiac signs inside of horoscope circle. Astrology in the sky with many stars and moons  astrology and horoscopes concept
Zodiac signs inside of horoscope circle. Astrology in the sky with many stars and moons astrology and horoscopes concept

Regarding your conjugal and domestic life, there is a need to work in finding out to improve the present state. Commitments towards your family and closed one may give you a smooth ride. Jupiter aspects would clear all your doubts and confusion. Ready for the valuable lesson by your planets. The tendency towards seeking playfulness may create problems or distance between your loved one.

Your health and fitness segments seem beneficial, but mood swings can create a glitch in your performance. Jupiter and Saturn transit put you in a healthy position. The mid time is best for investing your energy in serious projects. In the second half, you might feel happy with your outcomes. This is the best time to spend playing outdoor games and spend time with people.

Gemini (22nd May to 21st June)

As per the Vedic Astrological analysis, with the back of the Luck, the year would be happy and with minimum obstacles for natives. You would readily put an end to all the old issues and start refreshing. This may be the year where many of your planning would see a new light if timely executed. So fasten your seat belt for a much much better ride of 2021.

Regarding the financial segment, you may witness a rise in your income. Income undertaken on the chance of success would be rewarding. Going for a long-term investment proves favourable. However, it is suggested to take expert advice before taking any risk. This may help optimize the gain.

For romantic relationships, the year would be good. Singles may encounter someone special. The aspect of Jupiter on Libra would be rewarding. Libra in the house of romance for Gemini may prove auspicious. Thus, the year is good for natives already in a relationship. The duo finally decides to settle down in a married relationship.

Regarding your education, the year is favourable. Students may feel highly enthusiastic and energetic to learn new subjects. Saturn in the house of Capricorn would insist you to learn a new practical course. Jupiter may improve your theoretical concept. So, overall, the period would be wonderful for the Gemini natives.

On the health front, you may witness gradual subsiding of your ailment. You may find all your health problems slowly taking a back seat. Medication may help you recover most of the ailments at the earliest. One area you would need to be very particular is your diet. Just be careful of the following month of February, May and September 2021.

As much as your wealth is concerned, you are likely to see a better phase in amassing wealth. Gemini natives may plan to acquire property, commodity and even seek credit. Thus, the asset base is likely to be much better this year.

For marriage, the year would conclude well for native looking people. If you had any break in the past, the year would slowly enable you to forget the past and see the new light. Single people may also be able to find a good partner which would enable them to lead a beautiful good life.

Thanks to Jupiter in Aquarius as this year is a special year for Gemini people. This year might be supportive and reduce all the obstacles. You may put an end to the old issues and make a fresh start. This may be the period in which all your planning finds a way if executed promptly with focus. So, be ready for a much better ride in 2021.

Cancer (22nd June to 22nd July)

For Cancer native, the year might be slightly challenging because of Jupiter in Capricorn which is notorious for prompting challenges and difficulties. But Saturn is known for rewarding hard work, so all the natives may be able to get through this and change fortune for better. At the same time, Jupiter in Aquarius which is known for curbing impediment, may also not be able to put a complete pause to the obstacles.

Thanks to the Jupiter transit in Leo which may be the reason you would see a continued rise in income in the initial year. You may see an improvement in the cash balance, that would enable your fortune to change. However, Saturn in Capricorn may double your expenditure. Also, you may see a spike in expenditure just because of the transition of Jupiter in Aquarius. so, it is advised to be a little careful and don't rush to the temptation.

Considering the personal and romantic life, you may see some challenges due to misunderstanding and also may be the reason for fighting. Saturn dwelling in the house of a partner and loving may cause misunderstanding and lead to fights and personal clash. You are advised not to be firm and harsh upon your point of view.

As far as the academic area is concerned, the year may demand a lot of efforts. Expecting support of fortune may be futile. This year may be mediocre for skill enhancing also. Yes, you may take up vocational learning as it would improve your working knowledge for the year to come.

For career-oriented people, this period may be a year of effort and not for leisure. You may be putting double effort to enhance your value in the company which would be favourable to elevate your position. There is a warning for those who are looking for a business partner as Saturn aspecting in your singing may not let you progress.

For health-related people, Saturn in your house may make you sluggish and affect your good night sleep. Tension may be a common fact to worry. However, Jupiter in Aquarius may contain serious ailment this year.

For natives who are into accumulating wealth, it is suggested you use the money for an appropriate purpose.

Married people may see some disturbance in their life. Thanks to Jupiter in Aquarius as it may enable some support of elders who would help in resolving a difference of opinion.

Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August)

This may be the year when your opinion towards your decision would be strong. This may cause you to make radical decisions. Inflexibility and stubbornness may ask for your attention. You may experience a deep emotional attachment with your beloved. You may be in sync with your roots and families values. Those who love may appreciate your efforts, but there may be some who may envy your position and may want to tarnish your image. Just Be aware of the desire to learn as it may expand your horizon of knowledge.

Regarding your communication, you would be effective. Your logical and analytical abilities will flourish. You are likely to join communities, forums and other social networks. If you have been ignoring something related to your career, then it is advised you to confront such issues.

This year you may witness an increase in a temptation to buy comforts. So, it is suggested to not make such mistakes. If you cross your limits, it may be difficult for you to tackle such pressure. Here, you need to follow a very clear path as there may be a tendency to make a quick decision which may lead to confusion.

You may find yourself in trouble by different areas in your life which would require you to be on your toes. At times vitality may be below. You may feel irritated due to which others may end up bearing your anger. You may witness a noteworthy change in your thought process which is likely to realize your true self. But, at times you may become too pessimistic into your thinking, so it will be essential to be optimistic.

There may be times when you feel like starting a new life. So it is suggested to don’t get carried away by your emotions. Just be little patience and keep faith. You may have to pass through some tough circumstances, but with your stretch, you may sail through it. You need to understand that there is no substitute for hard work and have to be positive. Long term plan and refrain form short term gain may help you build a bright future. If possible seek advice and keep good terms with friends. In the end, success will be there.

Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September)

The period is good for the natives. You may experience a thrilling positive development in your life. Creativity and enthusiasm will flow in whatever you touch. You may see your life moving in the right direction, so it becomes necessary for you to know what you are into and what is expected out of it. Figuring out the value and responding to the opportunity promptly can be mandatory. It may prevent you from missing the boat.

In the middle part of the year, new pressure may grasp your personality and resources. Just make sure you don’t lose your confidence while making a fresh move. You are likely to feel a new kind of pressure to create new ideas and witness a tremendous flow of creativity. You may also feel some unusual pressure to structure your life. You may gain a great depth of understanding and experience which would make you make some wise decisions.

Perseverance and hard work may be your greatest tool this year to overcome failures. At times you may prefer an isolated place and think deeply about various issues of life. Redefining life’s goal may enable you to bring clarity into your life. Ending part of the year may make you a bit philanthropist. Interest may be the key to your success. Thanks to the creativity and barrage of ideas in you that may bring success.

This year, the reorganisation of the external and internal world may be your prime priority. Most of the period of this year may be on your support, but there may come a phase when you can be drawn to some unknown fear. So, you need to make logic to understand the complexity of everything.

You may experience some flaws in your thinking and decision, and only experience and analysis can enable you to refine every problem. You are advised to use logic in the right direction and a constructive manner.

Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October)

According to Vedic Astrological outlook, for Libra native, the year would be auspicious. With the transit of Saturn and Jupiter, the duo may enjoy enhancement of benevolence. Saturn may bring stability in your life. As 4th being related to mother and domestic issues, you may witness happiness in your domestic life. It would be a wonderful year for most of the Libra natives. The only area you may need to be careful about is your mother's health. Just make sure to provide timely medical help.

In case of income-related matters, with the help of Jupiter in Aquarius and it's the direct impact upon your sign, you may see a hike in your income. You may even expect an increment in your present job and certificate of recognition. For natives into business, you may see a rise in your business income. You may look for alternative sources to boost income.

Regarding your higher studies, the transit of Jupiter and Saturn may make it encouraging. It may be the year where your focus would be on hard work and even improve your learning skills. Taking part in creative competitions would prove beneficial. Just be aware of your overconfidence.

At the career front, this year all your impediments and occasion success may come to an end. The aspect of support upon your career may make your hard work and aspect of Jupiter may give you steady progress. Hard work and Luck complement each other. You may see benevolence in the area of business and self-employment. A new assignment would give you recognition and even an opportunity to prove your credentials.

In your health term, there is something that needs to be worried about. The support of Jupiter and Saturn, along with sign lord Venus will be quite supportive. Your health would be wonderful to help you improve your stamina and immunity. The month of February, March and April, would be practically good when these planets would be helpful to improve your strength.

Matters related to amassing wealth, the period may be quite excellent to improve wealth. If you're planning to buy a second house or renovating it then the year is perfect for you. Investment in real estate may improve your equity participation but this may require little homework.

For natives who are planning to get married, then the year is extremely auspicious. The decision of your family and close friends may be on your support and help you at an important moment.

Scorpio ( 23rd October to 22nd November)

From the initial year, the Scorpian may experience a mixed response. The start might be courageous or even you can make a new resolution. Thanks to Jupiter in Capricorn and Jupiter in Aquarius which enable you to be courageous and remain firm on your decision. Thus, the year would be progressive and you may be determined to achieve success.

In regard to Finance, the year may have some good opportunity to earn from new avenues. Although, the earning would be moderate, but the source would be robust and long term. Outcome can be stable and steady. You may receive praise by your peers. Just be meticulous in your action and the year would be a wonderful journey.

Regarding love and relationship, the year would be auspicious for those who are already in Relationship. Thanks to Jupiter and Saturn which may bring stability. You may be happy with your relationship and also experience a steady rise in social status. But for singles the year would not be that auspicious. Encountering a new partner is not on the card this year. But in the end year, you may see some light.

On the academic front, Saturn and Jupiter may enable you to learn and apply the knowledge practically. Therefore, the learning may be encouraging and rewarding in the coming days. Students planning to learn new skills, then the year is great.

Career wise, the year has several opportunities to offer. New initiative may be rewarding and may find your career progressing in an advanced way. Bringing stability may be a need by exploring new avenues. Taking up an independent venture may be rewarding. Aspects of Jupiter may become you progressive. Saturn in Capricorn may teach you taking risks.

On the health front, the year is good. Thanks to the placement of Saturn. You may enjoy good stamina and remain fit. This year you might be quite health conscious and take an adequate diet beneficial for your health.

Regarding wealth, the year has plenty of opportunity to acquire wealth. You would be successful in all walks of life. The only advice is if trying to seek credit and loan, then take expert advice first.

Regarding marriage, the year is quite wonderful for natives planning to marry. If already married, then would gain much happiness.

Sagittarius (23rd November to 21st December)

As per the Vedic Astrological Views, the year is likely to bring many surprises for all age groups. Prosperity, Success, and fortune are likely to manifest across the year.

Even education and higher studies is likely to be impressive. As the year will progresses, you would experience the luck by your side.

The initial month may be spent planning your activities. Energy level may be high and so is your enthusiasm. You would prefer to be meticulous and try to leave no stone unturned. The effect of good planning and execution can be seen for eight month in the first three month.

This is also the period when you expand your social circle. The association with new friends turns out to be beneficial. Moreover, if natives are looking for someone special, then they may find one.

Regarding your finance, your work may lead to an increase in income. Having Saturn in the 2nd house of income and family, you may witness the perfect balance of two.

At the academic front, pursuing mass media and planning to pursue the same can find success by enrolling in a reputed institute. It would give you a recognition that you have been looking for. This is also the good year for pursuing a master programme. If writing these, then you may be appreciated for your findings.

Business and professional related natives may experience excellence in a delayed fashion. In the initial three month, you may see reviews of your past work. This may involve brainstorming and even identifying new avenues to explore business. Just make sure, your business plan is perfect is perfect and flawless.

Matters related to your health, the year may be more progressive. You may be conscious of your diet and fitness. Good sleep with reduced mental stress may make you more emotionally stable and fit.

Wealth and property may see a rise in finance through various sectors. Income and expenditure may see an act of balancing a finance. The conjunction of both Jupiter and Saturn is ideal to help you take most of your time to analyse and verify its feasibility. Chances are high that you can easily convince the financial institution of your steady repayment track record to enjoy a good deal.

In regard to Marriage, natives dating each other for a long time may tie a nuptial knot soon. This year you may witness many ups and downs and differences of opinion. The transit of Jupiter in Aquarius may reschedule your marriage. There are chances of silly arguments that may lead to temporary separation, only to get patched up later. The only advice is to put restrictions on ego clashes as much as possible.

Capricorn (22nd December to 20th January)

According to the Vedic Astrological outlook, the year is likely to be a year with heavy transit. This would make you introspect and induce you to make adjustments. In fact, the decision you would take, will decide the outcome of your action. So, it is advised to think deep before taking any action.

On the financial front, the Saturn would make you spend money, but on a calculative note. Saturn, being the lord of finance, and Jupiter brings the house of loss, the amalgamation of both make your work on a irrelevant and secondary project. Planning your investment and controlling your expenses may be the first step. If married, then you may guard your savings for future commitment.

Regarding love and relationship, the upcoming year may improve the bonding between the two by subsiding past ego clashes. As Jupiter is out of friction, thus, you would be happy with your partner and enjoy some beautiful romantic moments.

On the academic front, the year would be good for students pursuing higher studies. The combination of both Jupiter and Saturn may make you include subjects like finance, Language and Engineering. The transit of Venus would give the boost to creativity. You may even take one subject as your master and major in the same. This may help you in career decisions.

Matter related to Career and Business, the year is good for career growth and for those who are stepping out of high school and university exams. Although, the first two quarters may be challenging, but the second half would be full of opportunity. A little patience may help. For employed, the year may be progress. Returning to hard work might be interesting, but you need to be serious.

Matter regarding health, the duo of Jupiter and Saturn may make your year stressful. Despite this, you may be quite conscious regarding your health and maintain a perfect diet for being healthy. Jupiter in Aquarius may bring grace in your life.

Regarding wealth, the year may be little slow, but steady to improve your position on wealth. For businessmen, the year is not likely for any investment. Thus, try avoiding long-term investment schemes.

On the Nuptial front, the year is going to be very good for those who decided to marry. Since starting, many new proposals may knock your door. The interesting part is that you may marry with the person whom you know for ages.

Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February)

According to the Vedic Astrological outlook, the year is likely to give you more experience than usual. In the initial month, you may see a rise in tension due to Saturn being in a 12th house. Weak position of Jupiter may add to the woes. Many of the planning may not be as per schedule. For some these events may be discouraging. As the year progresses, the events may be in your favour.

The good part is that the transit of Jupiter is considered auspicious regarding finance ,marriage, wealth, romance, marriage, education, profession and even in expanding social circles. Thus, you may see an expansion in your life all above the matter.

Regarding the financial front, the initial year may be stringent. Steady rise in expenditure may put you in a dizzy at times. There may be occasions when the expenditure may be more than flow of income and force you to rely on credit. Make sure such credit is only restricted on a short term. Gradually, from the middle of the year, you may expect a steady rise in income and the second half is better than half. In fact, the year is promising for those looking to invest in property.

As much as romance and love is concerned, you may come across someone important. The emotional connection with the new person may sow the seed of romance and love. The love that was vacuum in your life may be filled by a special person. Soon you may also decide to settle down through marriage and emotional bonds turn out to be a legal bond.

At the academic front, the transit of Jupiter may make all your planning regarding higher studies auspicious. Your deduction and efforts may pay off well. Students who are already planned with action can be successful. Dedication and hard work is the core of every success.

With a good education fortune, the future is promising. Natives looking for new opportunities may get. Students may enjoy good campus placement opportunities by clearing all fundamental knowledge.

Regarding health, natives need to be more careful. If You are particular to take a proper diet at an appropriate time during the day, then it might get disturbed due to an increase in appetite. So you have to be careful about your intake. This may provide some fitness.

Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March)

For piscens, the year is likely to be mixed. At the starting of the year, the lord Jupiter is well placed on 11th house, albeit in a weakening position. Both Saturn and Jupiter are likely to bring steady growth. Fulfilment of desire may make you confident.

On the financial front, the house of gain is robust due to which you may witness a rise in income and tapering of flow of money. Some money you may save for hay day which would give you some relief to deal with the future. At the end of April, the flow of money may stabilize. The only advice is just guard yourself from the money spike.

In fact, taking part in social gatherings may be beneficial. New friends and associations may forge between January and April. Taking a cue from such an association may help in planning monetary and financial matters very well. Your new investment may give better returns and gains. However, a contrast producing investment may help stabilize your return. The time after May, there may be a need to relook at your investment portfolio and avenues of income flow.

On the academic front, the support of Jupiter may be encouraging till mid April. So, it is advised to take the benefit of luck if preparing for any exam. Thereafter, the students are advised to plan their academic journey for better performance and success.

Regarding business and professional front, the journey would be a roller coaster ride. Gains may be steady at the initial year, and returns would be flat and steady in the mid year. New assignet may hardly come, so it is advised to double your effort. Working abroad may become possible in the second half.

Regarding health, you need to be a little careful this year. Due to the weakening position of Jupiter in Capricorn, you may experience immunity related problems. Lack of sleep may add woes and reduction in stamina. So, some precaution is needed in this.

As health, wealth is also important. In the initial year, you may see a spike in income. You are advised to channelize it into saving. This will improve your bank balance. Towards the middle, you may succumb to taking credit at the very high rate, which can disturb the money flow.

On the marriage front, you are advised to be a little cautious. For dating couples, you are advised to refrain from personality clashes. For marriage, the second half is better than first. For married people, you are also advised the same.

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