#GamingBytes: All about the PUBG Mobile's upcoming update

Shuvrajit Das Biswas

#GamingBytes: All about the PUBG Mobile

18 Oct 2018: #GamingBytes: All about the PUBG Mobile's upcoming update

PUBG's Battle Royale enjoys immense popularity across platforms and its mobile version remains one of the most played games globally.

PUBG Corp. tries to keep this momentum going by introducing regular updates to improve gameplay experience and combat the popularity of Fortnite, which has, recently, forayed into mobile platforms.

In this context, PUBG Mobile is getting a new update 0.9.0.

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Details: Erangel is getting a new night mode

PUBG Mobile update 0.9.0 will be released on October 25 and will bring the following changes.

Erangel, the original map in PUBG, will get a new night mode.

The other changes, which this update will bring, includes a new Spectator Mode, 'movie' picture style and Halloween themed additions.

These will be accompanied by improvements to weapons, vehicles, matchmaking, in-app purchases, and game performance.

Night Mode: The unpurged images of day recede

Erangel will get a new night mode, which the developers describe as alternating 'between day and night randomly in Classic Mode'.

Since the new addition will raise visibility concerns, night vision goggles will spawn naturally in buildings along with other loot items.

The developers will also introduce new buildings, trees, and covers to make the map more fun to play during the night.

Spectator Mode: Death makes you all-seeing in PUBG Mobile

The current Spectate Mode, in PUBG Mobile, allows players to watch their partners in duos or squads play, even after they have been killed.

The new Spectator Mode will give players the option to watch their opponents play as well.

However, it remains unclear whether this mode allows communication with surviving members since they could potentially see the opponent's movements and forewarn team-mates.

Other changes: All the other changes this update brings

The update will see Halloween themed additions keeping in tune with the season. Notably, competitors Fortnite has also tapped into the Halloween fever to increase popularity.

The settings panel will be improved to let players toggle quickly and switch between scopes, customize buttons and adjust game brightness.

The performance improvement addresses connectivity, and lag issues which occur when players encounter enemies from afar.