#GamingBytes: Ninja has a New Year surprise for Fortnite fans

Shuvrajit Das Biswas

#GamingBytes: Ninja has a New Year surprise for Fortnite fans

28 Oct 2018: #GamingBytes: Ninja has a New Year surprise for Fortnite fans

Ninja or Richard Tyler Blevins is currently the world's most renowned streamer on the popular game streaming platform, Twitch.

His Fortnite videos are a rage and he currently has over 11 million followers on the platform.

Recently, in conversation with the CEO of Twitch at TwitchCon 2018, he spoke about how great it was to be a streamer and announced a special event.

The announcement : All about the announcement

Ninja announced that he would be streaming live at a special Twitch event from Times Square in Manhattan on New Year's Eve.

He expressed high excitement saying, "This is just my ultimate NYE Fortnite LAN party with some of my best friends and a few surprises that I hope we as a community can have a lot of fun with".

Fact: A new year to remember

Ninja's opinion: The gaming tradition enters the mainstream

New Year's Eve in Times Square is a phenomenal spectacle.

For a gaming stream to be organized there, it shows how gaming has become mainstream. The gaming culture has been embraced.

Ninja expressed excitement at this widespread acceptance saying that while growing up, New Year's Eve only gave gamers an accepted excuse to stay up all night and play but now things are changing.