#GamingBytes: Fortnite Halloween live event concludes with Purple Cube's explosion

Shuvrajit Das Biswas

#GamingBytes: Fortnite Halloween live event concludes with Purple Cube

05 Nov 2018: #GamingBytes: Fortnite Halloween live event concludes with Purple Cube's explosion

Fortnite is extremely popular in the Battle Royale genre for its gameplay and graphics, but more importantly for exciting content, Epic Games keeps adding to it.

For long, Kevin the Purple Cube had baffled gamers with its movements and the changes, it brought to Season 6.

However, on November 4, Fortnite wrapped up its Halloween live event with Kevin exploding.

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The destruction : Kevin's final moments in the Battle Royale

Kevin was unstable, as the game's message warned new players logging in to play the Battle Royale.

In-game, the cube shed an outside layer and was seen pulsating after it had started to crack and drop fragments into Leaky Lake.

Previously, the cube had been responsible for spawning in-game fiends which players had to hunt for weeks.

However, Kevin's time was finally up.

Fact: Check out Kevin's explosion here

Kevin's explosion: Going out with a bang

In view of more than 2 mn people on YouTube and 1.5 mn on Twitch, Kevin detonated, resulting in a 'Butterfly Effect' moment for all participating gamers.

Upon exploding, the cube entered a death spiral before the shattering explosion turned all the players' screens into a bright white.

Epic ensured opportunistic players did not shoot gamers who ceased fire to witness the event unfold.

Effect : How did Kevin's explosion affect the gamers?

As Kevin exploded, players soon found themselves floating in an energy vortex, along with every other player on their server.

The vortex, which emitted some strange energy, also made a butterfly appear, whose wing pattern resembled the rifts in Season 5.

As soon as players reached out to touch the butterfly, they were returned to the Fortnite map which had undergone a major change.

Map changes: What impact did Kevin have on the map?

As players returned to the map, they noticed that the floating island in Leaky Lakes was no more.

The island Kevin had lifted and put in a vortex, was replaced by a set of idyllic islands inspired by the Stonehenge.

Notably, traces of Kevin seem to have been temporarily banished as rainbows and calming music mark the islands on the Fortnite map.

Looking forward: What does it mean for Fortnite?

Usually, when Fortnite has a major event towards the season's end, it affects next season's Battle Pass.

For example, Season 4's rocket event caused cracks in the sky in Season 5, which in turn led to Kevin's appearance in Season 6.

Season 7 will probably deal with the aftermath of Kevin's explosion.

For now, the Stonehenge-themed islands remain a point of interest in Fortnite.