#GamingBytes: Fortnite as addictive as heroin, say health experts

Shuvrajit Das Biswas

#GamingBytes: Fortnite as addictive as heroin, say health experts

01 Oct 2018: #GamingBytes: Fortnite as addictive as heroin, say health experts

Fortnite by Epic Games has already transcended the gaming industry and become a cultural phenomenon.

The Battle Royale mode gets millions of players daily, and the new and exciting content and cosmetics, Epic keeps adding to the game, only encourages players to return.

However, popularity brings problems and reportedly, a recent report by health experts claims that Fortnite is as addictive as heroin.

Addiction : The insatiable craving for Battle Royale

According to a report by ABC 8 News, medical experts said Fortnite can be almost as addictive as heroin.

The experts state that the game releases dopamine in a child's brain.

Dopamine, for those unaware, is the chemical in our brain that causes addictive impulses.

Further, the report claims that the game interferes with children's brain development and causes compulsive craving for Fortnite.

Fact: One test subject who braved the storm

Of the teenagers tested, one subject was so addicted to the game that he apparently played on, even as a tornado hit his neighborhood. Only when the power lines started collapsing, did his family members manage to get him off the game and to shelter.

Problems : Dear report, no alarms and no surprises, please

While the report might sound alarming, it is best to critically question it.

Firstly, no medical experts are mentioned by name or affiliation, thus their accounts remain largely unverifiable.

More importantly, if Fortnite was so addictive, there would have been more outcry.

Finally, all games are designed to trigger dopamine secretion, especially mission and level-oriented games. It is unfair to single out Fortnite.