#GamingBytes: Five ways Apex Legends is better than PUBG

Shuvrajit Das Biswas

#GamingBytes: Five ways Apex Legends is better than PUBG

11 Mar 2019: #GamingBytes: Five ways Apex Legends is better than PUBG

PUBG might have paved the way for the Battle Royale genre to become popular within the gaming community, but since then, it has faced fierce competition from games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout.

Now, the new kid on the block, Apex Legends could go on to defeat all existing Battle Royales in terms of popularity. Here's why.

Fact: All you need to know about Apex Legends

Apex Legends has been developed by Respawn Entertainment. Notably, it has been published by Electronic Arts (EA). Gamers should know that this Battle Royale is set in the same universe as Titanfall, the 2014 first-person multi-player shooter game.

Point 1: Free to play game attracts larger crowds early on

When comparing Apex Legends with PUBG, the most obvious advantage that jumps out at us is that the former is free to play.

Notably, PUBG Mobile is free to play but costs money on all other platforms.

By making its Battle Royale free in the competitive market, Respawn has ensured that Apex Legends can be accessed by a wider gamer base, gaining more popularity.

Point 2: In-game reward system is better than what PUBG offers

Apex Legends is not just looking to draw a larger crowd base but is also focused on retaining it.

Thus, its in-game reward system is much better than what PUBG offers.

Micro-transactions make up a large part of PUBG's income, as players have to spend money to gain rare skins and outfits.

Apex Legends, however, gives free items and cosmetics every time you play.

Point 3: 'Apex Legends' has a set of unique playable characters

While PUBG allows complete customization of characters, to reflect players' individual choices, Apex Legends brings its own set of unique playable characters.

The eight characters, in-game, bring their own sets of skills and abilities. Based on character selection, the players will have to go about the Battle Royale gameplay.

This makes the entire experience much more dynamic as each player brings something different.

Point 4: 'Apex Legends' puts the fun back in Battle Royale

Apex Legends is putting the fun back in Battle Royales.

PUBG's realistic gameplay is serious and intense and we all have enjoyed it, but gaming is about fun and the recent Battle Royale has kept this in mind.

Moreover, Apex Legends has a superior user interface, which improves usability and thus makes the overall Battle Royale experience much better than that of PUBG.

Point 5: Being a 'Titanfall' spin-off, game has existing fan base

This is not really a point of comparison about how Apex Legends is better than PUBG, as it is a simple statement of fact.

Since it is a spin-off, the game is already going to tap into the existing fan base of Titanfall and will command more respect with EA as publishers.

On the other hand, PUBG had to carve out its fan base.