#GamingBytes: Five reasons Miramar is best for PUBG Mobile amateurs

Shuvrajit Das Biswas

#GamingBytes: Five reasons Miramar is best for PUBG Mobile amateurs

11 Feb 2019: #GamingBytes: Five reasons Miramar is best for PUBG Mobile amateurs

PUBG Mobile is an intensely tactical Battle Royale, which has cemented its popularity and keeps drawing new gamers every day.

With an increasing player base, the game is getting more competitive, and newcomers might find it difficult to win the chicken dinner.

However, by choosing the map wisely, amateurs might gain an edge.

Read five reasons why Miramar is the best map for amateurs.

Reason 1: A bigger map reduces chances of firefights early on

Miramar is an 8 by 8 map, making it one of the largest maps in PUBG Mobile.

This puts it at an advantage over Sanhok and Vikendi, which are 4 by 4, and 6 by 6 maps, respectively.

The larger map ensures that amateurs are not forced into action, and have the option to move around and avoid firefights if they want to.

Reason 2: Map geography makes spotting easier in the Battle Royale

Miramar is a desert map with plenty of open spaces.

Since spotting is a crucial aspect of winning a Battle Royale, amateurs should improve this skill first.

Notably, the terrain of Miramar makes spotting enemies much easier, so newcomers can rake up a few kills.

However, it is important to remember that enemies can spot you easily as well, so stick to covers in-game.

Reason 3: Lesser worries about campers due to open terrain

Newcomers, who are unfamiliar with the game might find it hard to tackle campers.

Erangel and Sanhok are campers' paradise, who lie waiting in the grass to kill opponents.

However, Miramar's lack of vegetative cover makes it difficult to camp.

As long as newcomers are smart enough to avoid areas with tall buildings, the open ground should make it easy to spot campers.

Reason 4: A good balance of loot across the map

Miramar has several low, mid and high action areas.

Since loot is spread evenly across the map, newcomers can land smartly.

It has several underrated spots, where the loot is good, but there is a low risk of getting killed by opponents.

When compared to the similar sized Erangel, Miramar's stray houses yield a better loot, making it a more preferable map for newcomers.

Reason 5: Long distance firefights might be preferable for newcomers

Newcomers might not like getting up close with opponents since quicker reflexes might result in their death.

Therefore, the open grounds of Miramar offer them the perfect opportunity to engage opponents from a long distance.

In this case, newcomers just need to practise on their aim, and even if they miss the shot, they can run away before opponents return fire.