#GamingBytes: Five PUBG tips for quick healing

Shuvrajit Das Biswas

#GamingBytes: Five PUBG tips for quick healing

23 Nov 2018: #GamingBytes: Five PUBG tips for quick healing

PUBG has made its mark in the Battle Royale genre for its military tactical approach. Due to this, both planning the looting and killing in-game become instrumental in winning the chicken dinner.

However, the competitive nature dictates that players will take damage during the numerous firefights on their way to victory.

Here, we bring you five best tips for quick healing in PUBG.

Fact: The healing items available in the game

PUBG offers healing items including Medkit, First Aid Kit, Bandage, and Booster items like Adrenaline Syringe, Painkiller, Energy Drink. Medkit and Adrenaline Syringe are the most effective, maxing out the health and boost bars, while bandages and energy drinks are best used for small recoveries.

Usage: Know when to use the items

One of the most important things to realize is when to use which healing item.

Medkits and First Aid Kits cannot be used unless health is below 75.

However, if your health bar shows health is slightly lower than 75, choose bandages and save the kits for grievous injuries.

Further, consume energy drinks with bandages to ensure higher boost points and eventual health recovery.

Looting: Understanding how much to loot

Unsurprisingly, players understand the value of healing items and stock up on them.

However, remember the inventory space they take up, could be used for bullets, weapon attachments.

Don't carry more than 10 or 20 bandages. Keep a couple of First Aid kits and Medkits though they take up massive space.

Notably, Medkits can restore your entire health.

Loot as many boosters as possible.

Key mapping: Quick access to healing items

Opening your inventory and using the healing items is time taking, especially during the heat of battle or trying to outrun the blue circle.

Hence, map your keys early on to quickly access and use healing and booster items.

Usually I assign a separate key for bandages, one for all booster items, and keep a separate key for Medkits and First Aid Kits.

Booster usage: Run through the valley of the shadow of death

Remember to consume boosters like energy drinks if you are crossing dangerous territories with high enemy presence.

Not only do boosters regenerate health over time, but also give you more speed and faster reflexes, both of which are necessary to cross high-action areas safely.

Notably, players need to consume at least two energy drinks to get both health and speed boosts.

Healing time: Timing your healing right

The most common mistake players make is to wait until the last moment to heal, and then by the time they are applying the items, they end up knocked out or dead.

Remember, bandages take four seconds to be applied, while First Aid Kits take six, and Medkits require the longest application time, taking eight seconds.

Therefore, always have time on hand before application.

Fact: Heal from a place of safety

Please remember that you are completely vulnerable to attacks while healing, so I would highly recommend finding safe spaces to heal, instead of standing out in the open, susceptible to enemy fire. Further take cover, crouch or go inside buildings to heal safely.