#GamingBytes: Five most underrated weapons in PUBG

Shuvrajit Das Biswas

#GamingBytes: Five most underrated weapons in PUBG

03 Dec 2018: #GamingBytes: Five most underrated weapons in PUBG

PUBG is one of the most tactically intensive Battle Royale games, which brings realistic shooting mechanism.

As players try to win the chicken dinner among 100 gamers in solos, duos and squads, the weapon choices become very important.

While players have their set of preferred weapons, there are some lesser chosen but equally effective weapons.

We bring you the five most underrated PUBG weapons.

S686: Force feed lead to your enemies

Most players avoid shotguns altogether or opt for the S12K since it can auto fire eight rounds and be fixed with scopes.

However, S686 is an excellent choice despite being a double barrel shotgun. Surprisingly, it has a decent range using iron sights and a choke.

Among shotguns, it has the fastest fire rate and almost fires two 12-gauge shells simultaneously, dealing massive damage.

Tommy Guns: Barge in and spray them with bullets

Among submachine guns, most players do not prefer the Tommy Gun since it cannot fit a scope.

Further, it is difficult to control recoil at a distance using just the iron sights.

However, with an extended magazine, the Tommy Gun can hold 50 bullets in the magazine making it deadly.

Further, using .45 ACP at close and mid-range makes this gun a death bringer.

Crossbow: Point the arrow in the right direction

Crossbow is usually the least preferred weapon in the game, due to the massive reload time and the ability to only shoot one bolt at a time.

However, when fitted with scopes, a crossbow has decent range and extensive damage.

Further, it makes no noise and is a stealthy killer.

Crossbow users can headshot anyone with helmets lower than level three, proving its deadliness.

M16A4: Bringing in a complete assault

Among assault rifles players rarely choose the M14A6, preferring M416 instead.

However, the weapon is extremely accurate and deadly if handled properly.

Opt for a 2x scope and switch to single fire round for long ranges and burst for short and mid ranges.

While firing in burst mode, aim for naval buttons and the gun movement will ensure that all bullets hit the body.

VSS: The silent killer in the game

Most players do not like the VSS since it uses 9 mm rounds, dealing poor damage and is not good at long ranges or for moving targets.

However, it is the only gun that comes with a suppressor and scope pre-fixed. This makes it deadly in close and mid-ranged combats since the bullets are undetectable.

If players can master bullet drop, it is deadly.