#GamingBytes: Five common mistakes to avoid in Fortnite

Shuvrajit Das Biswas

#GamingBytes: Five common mistakes to avoid in Fortnite

15 Nov 2018: #GamingBytes: Five common mistakes to avoid in Fortnite

Fortnite by Epic Games has become popular as well as competitive, due to the constant addition of exciting content, including weapons.

However, an increasingly competitive gamer base means newcomers now have a hard time surviving the Battle Royale.

The following tips might not get you the Victory Royale, but will definitely help you survive longer.

Read the five rookie mistakes to avoid.

Resource collection: A hunter gatherer gameplay

Like most Battle Royale games, Fortnite also operates on a hunter-gatherer basis. Players gather resources and kill enemies.

While most amateurs remember to pick weapons and health items, they forget to gather resources for building.

The unique building feature of Fortnite is essential for survival.

Don't forget to swing that pickaxe and collect wood, stone, and metal to build structures allowing movement and protection.

Fact: Quick building can save your life

Since building structures is essential in Fortnite, there will eventually be structures with which you become comfortable. You can assign hot-keys to these designs so they get constructed at the push of a button, provided you have adequate resources. This would help in saving time.

Inventory management: Managing inventory for optimum efficiency

On our previous note of gathering, it is essential to manage inventory load-out.

Fortnite allows you to carry five additional items in your inventory, which could be a combination of weapons and health items.

A rookie mistake is to mix up weapons and health items, resulting in players landing up with these items instead of weapons while weapon cycling during firefights, resulting in death.

Fact: This is how you can manage your inventory

Your Fortnite inventory will have the pickaxe by default. We suggest loading the next three or four slots with weapons of varying ranges and filling the last or last two slots with health items or other resources like shield potions.

Weapon choice: Experiment with your weapons

Understandably rookies have more conservative gameplay. Naturally, most of them opt for assault rifle as their primary weapon choice since it is the best all-rounder gun.

However, experiment with different weapons since they can outperform assault-rifles in certain situations. For example, in close range, shotguns outperform ARs.

Notably, opt for higher fire-rate tactical shotguns over pump-action if you have trouble with accuracy.

Shield up: Do not rush into battle without protection

The unique gameplay of Fortnite doesn't give players any armor to wear in-game. Instead, they can pick up shield potions, which act as consumables.

Plenty of rookies go for guns instead of shield potions after landing. However, it's suicidal to rush into a fire-fight without a shield potion, as you will take increased damage.

Try to find a shield potion before weapons after landing.

Unsafe areas: Where the wild action is

As rookies, you are not expected to know the best landing spots, so players are tempted to land where others on the Battle Bus are landing.

However, keep in mind to avoid big towns since they are high action areas and unless you have experience with shooter games, and know you can survive intense firefights, these areas are deadly.

Choose distant, smaller areas instead.

Fact: Head up in the clouds

While some players prefer jumping off the Battle Bus early to get first-mover advantage, I suggest waiting and landing on the fringes of the map. This way, experienced impatient players land way before you, and you can strategically loot and head inside the storm circle.