#GamingBytes: Comparing PUBG and CS:GO. Which one should you play?

Siddharth Tyagi

#GamingBytes: Comparing PUBG and CS:GO. Which one should you play?

13 Apr 2019: #GamingBytes: Comparing PUBG and CS:GO. Which one should you play?

PUBG has undoubtedly captured the attention of gamers all over the world, as it is a great game.

But before even the idea of PUBG existed, there was Counter-Strike. All gamers, even if they haven't played it, are familiar with the title.

Now that CS has its own Battle Royale, Danger Zone, let us compare these two to help you find the ideal one.

Concept: PUBG vs Counter-Strike: Danger Zone- Concept

Both games work on the same Battle Royale concept but the treatment is completely different.

CS: GO brings the familiar gameplay and shooting style to give players the classic experience in a novel style.

PUBG has a realistic war-like feel and its weapons are quite different from CS.

Both games give you the option to play solo or as a part of a team.

Maps: PUBG vs Counter-Strike: Global Offensive- Playing Area

PUBG has multiple maps which are based on different terrains like snow, jungle, desert among others. These are large maps which give various tactical advantages.

CS: GO Danger Zone has one map which is called Black Site. It is smaller but seems apt given the number of players it allows.

While 100 players compete in PUBG, CS: GO allows upto 18 players.

Basics: What about gameplay?

Both games allow players to find weapons and other necessary stuff in buildings and other structures.

While in PUBG, weapons are randomly spawned, players have to buy them in CS with the help of an upgradable tablet.

In CS, you also know where your opponents are. It helps in making better strategies.

Notably, both games have a shrinking playing area.

Why CS?: Advantages of CS: GO over PUBG

Since there are fewer players, each game lasts not more than 15 minutes.

Games are intense and players also get to complete in-game missions.

CS: GO can be downloaded from Steam for free. There aren't bullets and ammo to spare and you've to be careful while buying weapons since drones give away your location.

This makes the classic gameplay tauter.

Why PUBG?: Advantages of PUBG over CS: GO

PUBG is newer. It has arguably more players as it is also more beginner-friendly.

PUBG has more weapons, more attachments, more (and bigger) maps and is simply fun-to-play.

If you take your games a bit seriously, CS: GO is the ideal game for you. It has a better anti-cheat system as well.

If you just want to have fun and enjoy, go for PUBG.