Game of Thrones finale: Here’s what you can expect from the HBO show

Kshitij Rawat
The last episode of Game of Thrones Season 8 will air in India on Star World and Star World HD on Tuesday at 10 pm.(Photo: Game of Thrones, HBO and related service marks are the property of Home Box office, Inc. All rights reserved)

For most people, the final season of Game of Thrones has not been up to the mark. Well, that is understating things. Fans have even started a petition addressed to HBO to fire Dan Benioff and DB Weiss and hire competent writers to remake it. They say the writing has been poor and the showrunners seem to be rushing the series to its finale.

Fans are hoping against hope that the finale will make up for whatever bad writing the show has offered until now.

So, what is going to happen?

Let s first think about how things stand. Daenerys Targaryen went totally bananas in the last episode and used Drogon to basically carpet-bomb King s Landing. It is not as if thousands of women and children of the Westerosi capital were collateral damage.

No, she was, methodically, burning alive everyone breathing she saw from above. It has been a titanic fall for her from a Messiah to a genocidal maniac.

So, what happens now? She still has Drogon, so anybody making a move against her would be in danger of being roasted crisp. She still has her Unsullied army, and (strangely enough) the Dothraki.

What are Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow s options? I am asking this because they will certainly not let the murder of a thousand innocents pass. They, unlike Daenerys, still have a conscience. My guess is they will try to assassinate her somehow, when Drogon cannot protect her. Drogon might even let Jon assassinate Daenerys.

Surely he sees something in Jon and recognises the Targaryen blood that flows in his veins? He was curiously staring at him in one scene this season. Or was that something the makers put in just for fun?

We must remember that a dragon in the world of Game of Thrones may be an intelligent beast, but he is still a beast.

Now, if the episode goes like this and Daenerys is killed, and maybe Grey Worm too, who will sit on the Iron Throne?

I want to believe it will be Sansa Stark, since she appears to me the perfect candidate for the Iron Throne. She has ice in her veins and unlike Cersei Lannister or Daenerys Targaryen, is not without conscience. This now seems unlikely, though. It is doubtful the show will return to the North now. That part of the story is seemingly finished.

Tyrion Lannister, then, seems like the next best monarch Westeros needs and deserves. Like Sansa, he knows intrigue and machinations and is also capable of kindness to those who deserve it. The show may end up surprising us, but these two appear to be the two best monarchs.

What of the fates of the characters? Game of Thrones has used the season finales to wrap things up and set up the upcoming season. It is the penultimate episodes that have had big reveals, massacres and/or battles.

Since there is no upcoming season, and this is the series finale, we will likely see all the characters final fate on the show. Whether they survived or not and where they ended up when the story ends.