Gabonese player collapses and passes away during league match

The midfielder collapsed during a match between Akanda and FC Missile in the Gabonese league

Former first division football player Herman Tsinga tragically passed away in Libreville on Saturday.

About a quarter way into the match, the midfielder lost consciousness but paramedics could not resuscitate him.

Tsinga reportedly received a cardiac massage by a military doctor, but was soon declared dead upon arrival in hospital. 

“Tsinga died in the first half of the match against Missile FC on Saturday, March 2, 2019, in Libreville,” announced Rfi

This was the seventh death in 12 years in Gabonese football. Ghanaian radio station Yen FM reported that Tsinga suffered a heart attack.

"When he collapsed, several players gathered around Tsinga, who is suspected to have succumbed to a heart attack," stated Yen FM.