‘Furry-friends- forever’, li’l cheetah cub and a dog’s adorable sleepover

Mousumi Dash

Cincinnati, Nov 16: They are the 'fur-ever friends'. A cheetah cub and a dog was seen enjoying an adorable sleepover at Cincinnati Zoo, United States . It is the Remus-Kris friendship tale, truly adorable!

A video of a cheetah and a dog is winning the millions of netizens' heart.

The Cincinnati zoo video shows a rescued dog Remus and a baby cheetah Kris cuddling up together while there 'Furry Friends Foreever' sleepover.

The Cincinnati zoo uploaded the adorable footage on their Facebook page.

It is reportedly a part of a program run by the zoo, where animals are brought together that pairs dogs with single cheetahs for companionship.

According to the zoo, cheetahs aren't born into large brood, therefore, to provide the lonely cheetahs company the zoo authorities do this kind of program to bring two differed kind of animals together. The solo cheetahs spend their time with rescue dogs.
Meanwhile, the video of the cheetah cub Kris and rescue dog Remus is winning the hearts of the netizens.

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