The funniest reactions to Apple’s latest launches from TV+ to credit card

The multi-starrer Apple event led to jokes and memes online.

The Apple Event at its campus in Cupertino, California was a highly anticipated one that had no new devices being announced, but saw the tech giant announcing a slew of new services. Apple announced a new paid streaming service called Apple TV+ and a premium magazine and news subscription service called Apple News+. The company also said it is also working on a premium gaming service called Apple Arcade, as well as a credit card.

With plenty of Hollywood personalities-from Oprah to Steven Spielberg-at the event, many on social media said the launch seemed more like an award ceremony’s red carpet event than a tech one. And soon jokes and memes started to flood social media.

While some claimed Apple was trying "too hard" to be the next Netflix or Hulu, others compared their proposed new titanium credit card-that has no details except the user’s name-to Magnises. Magnises were the infamous faux credit cards that controversial Fyre fest founder Billy McFarland came up with before the disastrous music festival.

Here are some of the funniest tweets about the Apple event:

The company is focusing on subscription services at a critical time, as it seeks new areas for revenue growth to compensate for stalling device sales. The new services may even possibly boost device sales.

"We've also been creating a growing collection of world-class services, and that's what today is all about," Apple CEO Tim Cook said while announcing the services.