Funniest memes and jokes on #JanataCurfew and #ThaaliBajao

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From what people should do on Janta Curfew to how it actually turned out, #JantaCurfew dominated social media trends on Sunday.As India observed Janata Curfew by staying inside their homes

Responding to a call given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to stay inside their homes on Sunday, India came to a grinding halt. But the chatter on social media.

As #JanataCurfew started trending online, many people shared photos of how they are spending the day with family in their homes, sharing interesting and funny stories of how it's going. (Follow India coronavirus Janata curfew LIVE Updates here)

As some wondered what to do, and joined in on Smriti Irani's #TwitterAntakshri challenge, others shared memes and jokes about what they had expected and how in reality it turned out.

And then as people were urged to step outside on the balcony at 5 pm to clap and thank people responsible for emergency services, people shared memes on jokes on it as well. As #ThaliBajao trended on Twitter, people shared videos of people excited to show gratitude.

For the 14-hour self-imposed self- quarantine, the prime minister asked people to give five minutes of their time for all emergency workers working for 24/7, however, people got overwhelmed and it turned out into a frenzy. Not only people were heard banging utensils but in many areas, residents burst firecrackers too.

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