Full trust in Indian authorities: Israeli Envoy on blast probe

New Delhi, Jan 30 (ANI): Israel's Envoy to India Ron Malka on January 30, said his country has full trust in Indian authorities, that they protect the Israeli representatives that are in India and the authorities will also conclude the investigation in the blast, which took place near the Israeli Embassy in Delhi on January 29. He said, "EAM called our Minister of Foreign Affairs. Foreign Secretary called our DG in Ministry of Foreign Affairs. NSA called our NSA. There's full collaboration. They gave their assurances and offered all support, protection or assistance that we need." "We have full trust in the Indian authorities, that it will take any measures that are needed to protect the Israeli representatives that are in India, and second, to conclude this investigation and finding those that are responsible for that," he added. A low-intensity explosion took place near the Israel Embassy in Delhi yesterday.