Full List of Countries Which Come Under North Korea’s Missile Range

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‘Destroyer’ Donald Trump Begged For War in His Asia Trip, Says North Korea

New Delhi, Nov 11: North Korea on Saturday launched a scathing attack on US President Donald Trump on Saturday. The isolated country alleged that Trump begged for a war on the Korean peninsula during his recent visit to Asia. Trump had said the America should not be taken lightly when the question of defending its […]

Washington, October 17: In last nine months, the secretive communist regime of North Korea has conducted 15 tests, most of which have been successful.

These tests include firing a missile over Japan and reportedly conducting a nuclear test in September which caused tremors across the border in China.

Most of the experts now believe that the regime headed by 23-year-old dictator Kim Jong Un now has a potential to hit New York with a “hell of a missile”, quite concerning information giving Donald Trump’s unwillingness to back down from their growing dispute.

As each day stories emerge about North Korea’s arsenal and capabilities, the question arises is North Korea really able to launch a missile at the United States, UK and rest of the Europe.

Some news organisation including the ABC News has researched all of the missiles that North Korea have tested so far and studied their potential trajectory.

Major locations in Scud (Series of Tactical Missile) range include:

Osaka, Japan
South Korea

Medium Range Ballistic Missiles:

The Medium Range Ballistic Missiles can reach up to 2,000 km away and have been very reliable under Kim Jong-un’s regime with only two out of nine tests failing.

Regions under threat of North Koreas Medium Range Ballistic Missiles:

Tokyo, and all other cities of Japan
North East of China
Eastern Mongolia
South East Russi

Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles:

Most of the cities of China
Eastern Russia
Most countries in South-East Asia including Thailand and Philippines
United States territory of Guam

Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles:

Middle East
North East Italy
North of England
North East Egypt
Northern Somalia
Alaska, USA
Pacific North West area, USA
Western Canada
All of Eastern Europe
Most of Australia, including Perth and Brisbane

Other Missiles:

Auckland, New Zealand
All of Europe, barring parts of southern Spain and Portugal
All of Egypt
Most of Libya
Most of East Africa
North West Mexico
Los Angeles, USA
Washington DC, USA (dependent on Earth rotation)
New York City, USA (dependent on Earth rotation)

Space Launch Vehicles:

South Guyana
South Suriname
South French Guiana
Parts of Antarctica
South Ecuador
South Venezuela
South Colombia

Experts believe that the North Korea’s missile capabilities are mostly untested.