Fugitive rape-accused Swami Nithyananda sets up his own private island nation named Kailaasa

Gandinagar: Self styled Godman,Swami Nithyananda whom the Ahmedabad police is looking to arrest in a case of illegal detention of minors and a Bangaluru court is conducting a trial for the alleged rape of a disciple, who fled India late last month has ’ founded’ a country of his own.

The notorious godmen who fled the country without a passport has now founded a nation of his own naming it Kailaasa which has its own passport.

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Reports say that the new nation has been founded on an island that he has bought from Ecuador in central Latin America. He has launched a website of the ‘new country’.

The website claims that “Kailaasa” as the new nation is named is a country without borders created by dispossessed hindus around the world who lost the right to practice Hinduism authentically in their own countries.

Nithyananda has already released a sample of the new nation’s passport online. Reports say that some of his high ranking business followers countrywide have received communications emails offering them citizenship but only after it is approved by Nithyananda’s cabinet.

The nascent’nation’, apparently founded by a wanted criminal -which is what Nathyananda’s status would be at the moment- has gone on regardless to frame national emblems including flag, flower, bird, animal, tree ,all using hindu symbols.

It has also put in place a system of governance though there is no inkling of recognition from any country so far nor knowledge whether the United Nations has been approached for any formal compliance towards nationhood.

If record is anything to go by Nithyananda, in India, is headed for the ranks of godmen who have made the transition from piety to notoriety like Asharam Bapu, Gurmeet Ram Rahim and Rampal to name a few. All three are in jail with two of them convicted for rape and the third for murder.

In the case of Nithyananda, the ongoing trial of a rape case awaits him in Bangaluru while in Ahmedabad ,Gujarat he and two of his sadhvi associates are facing charges of abduction, and wrongful confinement of children at his ashram, voluntarily causing hurt while provisions of child labour Act have also invoked after it was found that the children had been abused, beaten and forced to do labour work.

The Ahmedabad police registered the complaint on November 17 against Swami Nithyananda and two caretakers of his ashram -Pranpriya and priyatattava .

Meanwhile Nithyananda is reported to have fled India around November 20 using the Nepal border to crossover leaving his passport behind.

Dirt hit the fan on November 2, when Janardana Sharma came down from Bangaluru to Ahmedabad and approached the cops for the custody of his four children who had been studying in the Nithayananda gurukul in Bangaluru but had been shifted to their Ahmedabad ashram without seeking parental consent.

He got the custody of two of their minor children, one a 13 year old boy and other a 15 year old girl with help of the Gujarat State Commission For Protection of Child Rights(GSCPCR).Sharma but his two major daughters remained elusive.

The couple had come to Ahmedabad and tried to met their children but were not permitted by the ashram caretakers forcing them to approach GSCPCR and the police.

Sharma and his wife thereafter approached the Gujarat High Court with a Habeas Corpus petition seeking its help in getting back their two adult daughters who were allegedly illegally confined.

The Court,in turn,has ordered the police to produce the two girls at any cost. “Go wherever you have to go and do whatever you have to do but produce them here ”,the court has directed.

The State government which submitted the progress report of the police investigations in court stated that of the two girls , the one named Lopamudrika(21) had left the country almost 18 months ago from Bangaluru while the second one nityananditanand(18) had left the country on November 5 through the Nepal border.

The elder one has been traced to Trinidad Tobago in the West Indies. Speculation is rife that she left the country alongside Nithyananda but there is no confirmation of it said DSP K.T.Kamariya.Reports also suggest his presence in Equador.

The interesting part is that the two girls are all over the social media and even interact with the cops through skype but the cops have not been able to trac her location as she is using a proxy server.

The girl paints her father as the villain of the piece. Sources say that the elder sister Lopamudrika is the social media manager of the swami, manages all his media forays and is mostly by his side.

The younger one Nityananditanand within a fortnight of leaving the country posted a video on her U-tube channel stating that she was safe and travelling to avoid stress. EOM