Fuel Prices Today: Petrol and Diesel Price Remain Unchanged in Delhi, Hiked by Rs 0.08/litre in Chennai, Check New Rates in Delhi, Mumbai And Other Metros

Team Latestly

New Delhi, June 30: The fuel prices in India on Tuesday remained unchanged, a day after the hike of Rs 0.05/litre in petrol and Rs 0.13/litre in diesel in the national capital. However, the fuel rate -- for both petrol and diesel -- saw a jump of Rs 0.08 per litre in Chennai.

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With no change in the fuel prices on Tuesday, petrol was being sold at Rs 80.43/litre in New Delhi, while it was being sold in Mumbai at Rs 87.19/litre. In Kolkata, the petrol was being sold at Rs 82.10, while for Chennai, the price of petrol was set as Rs 83.71/litre (an increase by Rs 0.08 per litre). Fuel Prices Today: Petrol, Diesel Price Hiked Day After No Revision of Rates; Check New Rates in Delhi, Mumbai And Other Metros.

Here's the fuel rate in New Delhi on Tuesday:

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Similar was the case with diesel. The rate of diesel were not hiked for New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, but for Chennai it was hiked by Rs 0.08/litre. With this, the diesel rates for New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai at Rs 80.53, Rs 78.83, Rs 75.64 and Rs 77.80 per litre respectively. Since June 7, the petrol prices have been increased by Rs 9.12 and diesel by Rs 11.01 in the national capital.