Fuel prices resumed spike in national capital

New Delhi, Jun 29 (ANI): Prices of petrol and diesel continue to soar in the national capital. There was no increase in the fuel price on June 28, after which the spike resumed on June 29. Petrol price spiked by Rs. 0.05 to Rs. 80.43 and that of diesel by Rs. 0.13 to Rs. 80.53. Diesel price continue to be ahead of the petrol prices. One of the commuters said, “Government is bothered about who is shouting. But people who need it, they will get petrol irrespective of spike or downfall in price. There is tension at the India-China border, government is increasing fuel prices.” Another commuter said, “They could have increased the price slowly in a span of two months, all of a sudden increase in prices has affected people.”