From frizzy hair to wet shoes: 7 monsoon hacks that you should know

Pinaz Kazi
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Monsoon can be a fun if you are at home, sitting back and sipping your cuppa.  However, it can be really annoying if you have to go out when it is raining cats and dogs.

We bring  you some simple hacks that could make monsoon season easier. 

Take a look:

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Gadget care

It is plastic zip lock bags for gadgets and other valuable items. Ziplock plastic bags will keep your phone, watch, wallet and other essential things in it.

If by any chance, your phone gets a little wet due to heavy rain, clean the it with a dry cloth and put the phone in a can of rice. It will absorb the moisture from your phone and will surely start working again.

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Handle frizzy hair

During monsoon, frizzy hair is a constant problem. To make it smooth, all you can do is take a little bit of hand cream and use it on your frizzy hair.

Keep furniture dry

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Monsoons can be troublesome when it comes to keeping your furniture away from termites. In order to keep them away and to keep furniture dry, you can polish the furniture with oil or wax.

Waterproof your shoes

A constant problem of going out during monsoons is wet shoes. If you do not want your shoes to get dirty, rub a wax candle and then step outside.

Blot away the moisture from your face

During monsoon, rains can make the face all blotchy. Make-up may vanish in a few minutes. To handle such issues just carry a blotting paper. Use the paper to blot the moisture from your face. You'll feel fresh again.

Moisture-free closets

No one really wants their closets to get damp. However, if it does just put some cloves and naphthalene balls in it, it will make it dry again. All your belongings in it will be safe.

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