'Friends' Props and Costumes to be Auctioned for Charity


Fans of the hit 90s TV show Friends can now get a slice of their favourite characters' lives as several iconic items that became memorable on the show are going up for auction next month.

The selection includes about a dozen items, some original while others recreated, including props used on sets, Warner Bros revealed in a press release. These include a replica of the Thanksgiving turkey in the nerd glasses and fez cap that Monica Geller-Bing wore on her head to amuse Chandler Bing, the original canoe that Joey Tribbiani and Chandler sat in with their chick and duck after their apartment got robbed, and even a replica of Ross Geller's 'Holiday Armadillo' costume.

The auction, carried out by Warner Bros in collaboration with film and TV memorabilia company Prop House, is part of the show's 25th anniversary celebrations. The former cast and crew as well as WB have gone all out in promoting the celebrations with pop-up Friends displays and screening in many parts of the United States.

Other items in the selection include replicas of the door frame in Monica's apartment, the orange couch in Central Perk as well as Rachel Green's Hawaiian print dress, Joey's stuffed bedtime penguin 'Hugsy' and the 'Buffay the Vampire Layer' DVD featuring Phoebe Buffay's evil twin Ursula.

The proceeds from the auction would go the the Trevor Project, a non-for-profit LGBTQ support outfit. the bids start online on December 3, which incidentally happens to be 'Giving Tuesday' this year (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, observed in the US as a day of giving and kindness).