Friend's-father forced me to drink alcohol before rape: Gurugram survivor

Gogona Saikia


08 Jul 2018: Friend's-father forced me to drink alcohol before rape: Gurugram survivor

For this 18-year-old Gurugram girl, it was a happy occasion: her childhood friend studying abroad was home for vacations, and they had planned a sleepover.

But it ended with rape: the friend's father, her 'uncle,' took her to his room in the night and assaulted her.

She now says he had planned the heinous crime: he had forced both the girls to drink alcohol.

Case: Girl was raped while on a sleepover with childhood friend

Friday, the survivor had planned a sleepover with her friend at their high-end Belaire residence in DLF Phase-5.

At night, the host's father, a businessman, whose wife was out of town, took them out for dinner and drinks and returned home "sloshed."

The girls went to their room and fell asleep.

But during 4-5am, he took the survivor to his room and raped her.

Statement: 'Mother allowed nightout because uncle present, thought would be safe'

Recalling the incident, the girl said, "He locked the room, gagged me and forced himself on me. He then threatened to kill me if I told anyone."

"My mother gave me permission for dinner because my friend's father was coming. She thought it would be safe."

"(But) I realized uncle had planned the whole thing, which is why he made us consume hard drinks."

Family: Wife, daughter of accused refrain from visiting him

Incidentally, the man's wife had filed a complaint against him at the Sector 53 police station last month for cruelty. However, no case was registered.

He was arrested Friday itself and presented in the court Saturday, but no family member had come to meet him.

His daughter was reportedly present when her friend was filing the rape complaint, and had demanded her father is adequately punished.

Fact: Will get the best lawyers for my daughter: Survivor's father

Meanwhile, the accused has claimed innocence, saying it was the girl who had come to his room at night. But her father has said he would engage the best lawyers for her. "No words can describe how I feel. I hope my daughter gets justice soon."