Freight trains attain 'game changing' speed above 90 kmph on New Khurja- New Bhaupur section

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New Delhi [India], January 4 (ANI): The Indian Railways has operated its freight trains at a speed of 90 kmph in the newly inaugurated New Khurja-New Bhaupur section of the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor, the Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited (DFCCIL) said on Monday.

A total of 53 freight trains have operated on this section of eastern dedicated freight corridor till January 3.

"The freight trains in India have started to attain top speeds of above 90 kilometres per hour on the 'New Khurja- New Bhaupur' section of eastern dedicated freight corridor," ass per an official release.

The DFCCIL said the faster speed of freight trains would result in faster delivery of goods and faster turnaround reducing freight costs.

Notably, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had inaugurated the 351 kilometres long 'New Khurja- New Bhaupur' section of the eastern dedicated freight corridor on December 29, 2020.

"Meeting the objectives, the new section is witnessing seamless transportation of major freight commodities at a speed above 90 kilometres per hour on this newly inaugurated section. So far, 53 freight trains have been operated on this new section till January 3, 2021," it stated.

After the commissioning of this new section, coal, jute, petroleum, container, iron and steel, and other minerals are primary commodities moving towards the national capital region, Punjab and Haryana area whereas rice, wheat, and foodgrain products from Punjab and Haryana area, fertilizer, steel, coal loadable empty wagons, among other things are moving towards eastern India, the DFCCIL said. (ANI)