France, Belgium, Canada are the latest countries to buy rights to remake Mnet's show 'I Can See Your Voice'

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Promotional poster for the eighth season of Mnet's
Promotional poster for the eighth season of Mnet's

Seoul [South Korea], April 1 (ANI/Global Economic): South Korean television network Mnet's variety show "I Can See Your Voice" (abbreviated as "ICSYV") is being produced into French, Belgian, and Canadian versions.

Mnet announced on Mar. 30 that the rights to produce "ICSYV" have also been sold to France, Belgium, and Canada.

With this latest announcement, the rights to produce "ICSYV" have now been exported to a total of 18 countries including the Netherlands, Russia, the U.S., Spain, and the UK, further strengthening the show's status as a global program.

Warner Bros. Television Studios International & Formats will produce the French and Belgian versions. The French version will be broadcasted through M6, the largest private broadcaster in France, while the Belgian version will broadcast through VTM, Belgium's biggest private broadcaster, this year. French comedian and actor Issa Doumbia will take on hosting duties for the French version.

The Canadian version is scheduled to air beginning this fall through Quebec province's regional channel Noovo.

In other countries such as the U.S., Germany, and Thailand, "ICSYV" has already been airing for some time and has proven to be a popular program in the regions. The U.S. version of "ICSYV," which aired during prime time on U.S. television channel Fox, has already been confirmed for a second season. Meanwhile, the German version first aired last year on German television network RTL, and the second season began at the end of March. In Thailand, the Thai version of the show first aired in 2016, and more than 200 episodes have aired since then, continuing to stay popular in the country.

"ICSYV" is a music variety show that centers on the challenge of guessing the correct talented singer from unskilled singers among "mystery singers" based on factors such as their appearances, facial expressions, and mouth shapes. It first started broadcasting in 2015 in South Korea and is currently on its eighth season. (ANI/Global Economic)