France-based NRI brings ashes of COVID-19 patients to India for their families

New Delhi, Nov 08 (ANI): A France-based NRI has set a humanitarian example for others. He visited India with ashes of 10 Indians, who died in France after being infected with COVID-19 or during the pandemic time, to give their family members for their last rituals. Among them seven ashes are of COVID-19 patients. Iqbal Singh Bhati, a 75-year-old is residing in France from last 29 years and founded an organisation in 2005 to send dead bodies of Indians to India. "Whenever I came to India, then I bring ashes of people and deliver it to their families so that they can follow the last rituals," Bhati said. Bhati said that he will leave to Jalandhar to hand over the ashes to their families. Out of 10, two ashes had been already taken by family members, when he reached to Delhi.

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