Fox News host says 'we' don't want immigrants like 'some guy's uncle from Zimbabwe.' The internet disagrees.

Jon San
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Fox News host Jesse Watters is no stranger to controversy. Remember that racist segment he filmed in Chinatown? Or that lewd comment he made about Ivanka Trump?

Well, he’s back at it. On Monday on the Fox News panel show The Five, Watters made an offhand reference that’s offending many viewers.

During a discussion with fellow panelist Juan Williams about President Trump’s merit-based immigration policy, Watters used a tone-deaf example.

“That would cut legal immigration by bringing in the best and brightest,” he said. “So we don’t bring in some guy’s uncle from Zimbabwe.”

Williams scoffed, “Zimbabwe?” — before Watters tried to backpedal, throwing out Thailand as another example of where some guy’s uncle might emigrate from.

In no time, viewers tweeted a mix of reasoned replies, shady retorts, and straight-up insults to Watters.

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