Fox News Anchor Pauses Show to Call Out Racist Trump Supporter's Sign Against Blacks, Indians in US

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In yet another incident of racism against people of colour in the United States, a pro-Donald Trump 'protester' with a bigoted threat against "Blacks" and "Indians" has been causing shock on American news channels.

The incident occurred when Fox News anchor Eric Shawn was interviewing Axios co-founder Mike Allen when a sign held by pro-Trump protesters in Washington made him pause in shock.

The sign read, "Coming for Blacks & Indians first welcome to the new world order," and was seen being held by a man participating in Saturday's MAGA protests being held across the US following Trump's election upset.

Thousands of pro-Trump supporters took to the streets in the US capital as part of the 'Million MAGA March' over the weekend and demanded and demanded a change to the Presidential election results.

The shocking placard, however, was flashed on television and has caused debate on social media regarding the racist underside of Trump supporters pledging their solidarity and support to the President.

Trump has erroneously declared the election results "fraudulent" and has contested Democratic President-elect Joe Biden's victory at the polls. The President has also refused to concede the elections, despite Biden managing to win with a clear majority, even in key swing states.

The "Million Maga March" saw Trump supporters from different ideological groupings and communities come forth and show their support for the President, who has been under pressure to concede defeat since the announcement of results on November 8.

In a peak example of what news organisations such as NPR call "political tribalism", thousands of Trump adherents and right-winger Americans gathered in Washington DC without masks and full of conspiracy theories against Biden and his alleged voter fraud.