This 3-second video of a kid trying to lift a watermelon is more relatable than you could imagine

Noah sits in shame in a shopping cart near the scene of the crime. The Caution Wet Floor sign marks where he dropped a watermelon. (Photo: @MiaPulido04 via Twitter)

Who knew a three-second video could be so darn relatable?

On Wednesday, Twitter user @MiaPulido04 posted a video of a boy named Noah attempting to lift a watermelon in the middle of a grocery store. Sadly, it seems that the fruit got the better of him. His hushed “oh my gosh” as he tries to flee the scene is classic, and the Twitter user captions it perfectly.

It seems the video is resonating with some on Twitter. For example, one person had the same experience under slightly different circumstances.

Others noted having a similar moment — only they had  shattered a Costco-size item rather than a piece of fruit.

Others indicated that Noah should be thankful it wasn’t something expensive.

In the end, though, the people who have  to clean up these messes deserve a raise. Grocery store employees are real MVPs.

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