Four MP government-run-kiosks selling onion at Rs70 per kg in Bhopal

BHOPAL: Onion price is skyrocketing in country but in state capital its price varies depending on various factors like bulb-size, quality, “new” (Nayee piyaz) and “old” (purani piyaz) and Nasik-wali. Traders and hawkers are fixing rate at their wish and will even as district administration is conducting raids against onions wholesale traders.

District administration has made onion available at Rs70 per kilogram four stalls at Bairagarh vegetable market, Bittan market, BHEL and Sarvadharm Colony. A person can buy only two kg onion at these government- run -kiosks, which will operate from 10 am to 5 pm.

However, onion is available at Rs 40 per kg to Rs60 per kg is available in markets like Bittan Market, Arera Colony. Bittan Market is tri-weekly vegetable market.

As per Shri Sharda Ma wholesale trading company, old onion is supposed to be best quality, (Purani piyaz)- it is available at Rs 150 per kilogramm in retail. Onion selling for Rs50 or Rs60 per kg is sub-standard. Price depends on size of its bulb and quality. In retail market, hawkers show good quality of onions but sell sub-standard, said a source.

‘In stalls, onion is of good quality’

Taking plea and ground of bulb-size and quality, Food and civil supplies officer Jyoti Shah said, “We are selling onion at rate of Rs70 per kilogram in our stalls. In market, same onion is at Rs 120 to Rs150 per kilogram.” On onion retailing at an average price Rs50 per kilogram in Bittan Market she said, “Its bulb size must be small. In stalls, onion is of good quality.”