Five low-intensity blasts hit Pune; sixth defused

PUNE: At least five low-intensity explosions were heard in different parts of Pune city Wednesday evening, police said.

The blasts, that occurred in a diameter of 300 metres and in the space of thirty minutes have reportedly left two injured.

One of the blasts took place at the Bal Gangadhar Chowk near the Rangsharda auditorium on the busy Junglee Maharaj Road and another in a dustbin outside a McDonalds outlet nearby around 7.30 p.m., police said.

A third explosion occurred near the Dena Bank in the same area, triggering panic among people during the evening peak hour.

A fourth explosion went off on a bicycle at Garware Chowk on the same road.

Home secretary RK Singh said that terror angle cannot be ruled out since it was a planned blasts.

A man who was injured in the blast was taken into custody as he was suspected of carrying one of the bombs.

"The blasts appear to be well-coordinated," a police officer said.

According to reports, a sixth bomb was diffused near a McDonald joint in the city.

The explosives were planted in a garbage can outside a food plaza and on a bicycle.

A team of Maharashtra ATS has reached the spot and started the investigations. CCTV footage are being viewed, and alert has been sounded across the state.

Home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde was scheduled to be in the city tonight for a ceremony but cancelled his trip in the last moment.

In 2010, more than 14 people were killed in the German Bakery bomb blast in the city.