Four Cancer Survivor Girls Reunite at Florida Hospital for an Adorable Photo Two Years Later (See Picture)

Team Latestly

Four girls who beat cancer together at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in Florida reunited for a photo shoot. McKinley, Chloe, Ava and Lauren arrived at the lobby of the St. Petersburg hospital for something that will remain as a fond memory throughout their lives. Chloe was diagnosed with lung cancer while the rest three suffered from acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, the most common childhood cancer.

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The girls came to the hospital in September 2016 and had did a photoshoot in pink tutus that doctors gave them to lift up their moods. The girls who had then wore T-shirts with motivational words on them, this time had the word "survivor" written on it. Three-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Gets to be the Flower Girl at Her Bone Marrow Donor’s Wedding (Watch Video)

A year later they once again reunited for a photo. And now after beating cancer, the girls are back looking healthy. The girls are today two years older and are celebrating life in a better way. The hospital on their website says that the girls became friends over the course of their treatment at the hospital.

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Here are the cancer survivors!

As September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, the moms of the girls said that they plan to meet again next year for another photo shoot. Lauren’s mom, Shawna Glynn told Fox News, "She's 3 years old and doesn't have any hair, but all of her friends in the hospital look the same way so it kind of gave her some normalcy." Karen Moore, McKinley’s mom said, "It was just always a breath of fresh air to see a familiar face and to know that she wasn't alone in this."