'I Found My Calling': Pune Man Who Left City to Open a Cafe in Bir Proves Age is Just a Number

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Some of us have dreamt of leaving our regular jobs and setting up something of our own, preferably in the hills, but how many of us have actually taken that leap of faith? Well, it seems one couple from Pune has managed to do just that and that too at the ripe age of 60. In their latest post, Humans of Bombay shared the story of a Telangana couple from Pune who decided to start their cafe in Bir, Himachal Pradesh.

In the post, we see a picture-perfect family portrait of four who are now feeding tourists and locals with the best South Indian delicacies. The caption narrates the story of Sunanda and her husband who decided to move to a different city, after their son motivated them to grab the opportunity that was waiting for them in the picturesque hills of Himachal Pradesh. Before becoming owners of Avva Café, Sunanda’s husband was involved in a transport business, which was not doing so well. It was then that their son Suraj suggested them to open up a cafe in Bir.

They told Humans of Bombay that Suraj had visited the place and saw potential and tried to convince them to make the move. A few months later, Suraj came up with a solid plan and had figured out the logistics and was even willing to take a personal loan. It was Suraj’s passion and willingness to put in the work that convinced Sunanda and her husband to consider the plan. The couple first visited the place and saw for themselves if they could actually live there and open up the business.

As soon as the family visited the place, it was only a matter of time that Avva Cafe would become a reality. The beauty of Bir won their hearts and Sunanda moved there along with her husband. The caption also mentioned how before the opening of the cafe the family’s favourite thing to do was to decide on the menu and try some delicious food prepared by Sunanda.

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Since its opening, the cafe has hosted several customers who have had the best south Indian food in Bir.

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