Forwarded as Received: Jolly over AAP winning Delhi? It’s a folly

Aakash Joshi
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Capital loss: During the campaigning in Delhi. (Source: Tashi Tobgyal)

Bachchon... my family... KYA HO RAHA HAI APNI RAJDHANI MEIN?!!!! U see... let me tell u frankly... In beautiful UP toh this cud never hv happened.... We also were ashcharyachakit when Yogi ji was made mukhya sewak.... BUT WE ALL VOTED FOR NATION... and we did not complain!!!!! But my family... u all didnt even say to me... did not tell ur babu ji and daadu... IN UR OWN CITY HINDUTVA HAS FAILED!!!!!!

YES MY FAMILY...  Arvind bhai kejriwal ji has won Delhi with udte rang.... And i know beta angad, pote swastik... u all r celebrating .... u all r being jolly...BUT IT IS ALL FOLLY... HV U ALL DONE vichaar and deep chintan on iska tatparya!!! kALIDASA of England once asked a prashna.... To be or not... but my family.., today for all who love India.... WHAT IS FUTURE OF BHARAT MATA?!!!!!! THAT IS THE QUESTION!!!!!

Bachchon, in the chunaav ki ranbhoomi, adarnaiya pradhan mantri yudhistir of sarkar bhishma bhramacharya of bjp ram of gujarat parashuram of anti-nationals sevak and pracharak shri narendra bhai modi ji did all talks of nationalism... even of clothes and maya of anti-nationals.... griha mantri arjun chanakya of indian election baby lion of gujarat saarthi of bjp loh purush against congress amit bhai shah ji made whole election about nation and protection and against all ppl who r opposing....

BUT MY FAMILY ALL U DELHI PPL R SELFISH... in time when nation is saying apne aap ko samarpit karo... U ALL WANT CHEAP ELECTRICITY AND WATER... U ALL WANT VIDYA AND SWASTHYA.... oh ho.... u see bachchon... modi ji cud also give... but he doesnt believe in feebee... no bachhon... in NEW INDIA we will get our own honey... not from madhumakhi of sarkaar.... but u all ppl of delhi think u all deserve all.... just becoz it is raajdhaani....

But poti Neha... Swastik... one thing toh u all hv got wrong.... u all r saying “hey! hindutva is defeated” and beta angad toh even shared a video of mamata didi saying “BJP ta stateless hoe jabe”... bacchon it is clever wordplay in bengali.... matlab ki bjp har pradesh se hat jayega.... But u see my family... as Sarsanghchalak Bhagwat ji said... all partys that have vishvaas in nationalism r good... even kejriwal ji went to hanuman mandir and said bharat mata ki jai... he also thinks samvidhaan traffic blocking he can remove... mamata ji toh also put in cartoon and all in jail... and maharashtra cm uddhav is toh bigger maratha hindutva leader he thinks than even Modi ji!!!!!

U see my familly,,, kya farak padta hai if modi ji and amit ji lose one chunaav... they toh hav changed all politics to their kind only... sickulars and libtards lose even if they win!!!!! or waise bhi... Bihar abhi baaki hai.