Forty years ago, September 12, 1979: Advani on Indira

The Indian Express, September 12, 1979, forty years ago.

Indira Gandhi s views on press censorship were an ominous warning the Janata leader, L K Advani, said. Commenting on Mrs Gandhi s refusal to rule out press censorship in case she came back to power. Advani, former Information and Broadcasting Minister, said she wanted from the people endorsement of what she did during the Emergency something the people had refused in 1977. Advani said he was sure democrats would take due note of Mrs Gandhi s statements in Bombay.

CWC Hails Charan

The Congress Working Committee unequivocally opted for the leadership of Charan Singh in the alliance of forces opposed to Mrs Gandhi and the Janata party. The alliance will have a common programme, a common manifesto and a common symbol as its bulwark. The working committee finalised, in Bangalore, a 2,000-word resolution to be placed before the AICC tomorrow when it begins a crucial two-day session.

Vajpayee, Ram on RSS

Janata leader Jagjivan Ram supported a suggestion by A B Vajpayee that the RSS should change its goal from Hindu Rashtra to Bharatiya Rashtra . He said that originally the word Hindu might have meant all the residents of India. But now, the word Hindu has a special significance . So, he said, it has to be clarified .

Railwaymens Strike

The All-India Railwaymens Federation has directed its affiliated unions to prepare for a total strike any day in November, to press their demands for bonus and other long-standing grievances. The organisation s general secretary, J P Chaubey, said more than 9O per cent of the federation s working committee had voted in favour of an indefinite strike if there was no settlement on the AIRF s charter of demands.