Forty Years Ago, February 23, 1980: Kabul martial law

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US presidential adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, said the United States had the military power to meet a Soviet thrust into the Persian gulf area without using nuclear weapons.

The Soviet-backed government of Afghanistan proclaimed martial law and ordered a curfew in Kabul to curb a wave of “plundering and arson” by Muslim rebels, Tass reported. It said all residents of Kabul were ordered to surrender their weapons to the police within 24 hours unless they had special authorisation. Radio Kabul warned any violators that they would be immediately turned over to military-revolutionary courts.

Stopping Soviets

US presidential adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, says the United States has the military power to meet a Soviet thrust into the Persian gulf area without using nuclear weapons. “We can certainly threaten military involvement without commitment to an early reliance on nuclear weapons,” he said. Defending the power of US mobile forces, Brzezinski said if they did not stop the Soviets in the Persian gulf region, the US might retaliate elsewhere.

Reservation order

The governor, G D Tapase, has revoked the decision taken by the outgoing ministry last February 15, scrapping provision for reservation for SCs, STs and backward classes in promotion in the state services.

Break with Janata

An overwhelming opinion among Jagjivan Ram’s supporters is in favour of breaking with the Janata Party. There are, however, differences among them on their future course of action. In view of the differences on whether Jagjivan Ram should revive the CFD or form a new party or merge with the Congress (I), Ram may not announce his decision after tomorrow’s meeting. The meeting is expected to authorise him to announce his decision later. Ram refused to meet the press and sent word that he would not meet newsmen after tomorrow’s meeting either.

From the IE edition dated February 23