‘Fortunate step taken by PM, otherwise we wouldn’t have Rafale’: Retd Air Marshal

Gurugram, July 27 (ANI): Air Marshal (Retd) Raghunath Nambiar on the first batch of Rafale jets coming to India said it wouldn’t have been possible without Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s fortunate step. “The PM, to put it in simple words, cut the clutter. We were engrossed in the procurement of these 126 aircraft and we were going nowhere. There was no way forward other than for Government to step in and take a very bold and correct step. We must consider it very fortunate that this step was taken by the Prime Minister, otherwise, today we wouldn't have had the Rafale,” Air Marshal (Retd) R. Nambiar said. He further added, “It's a very important day for IAF. It has been 18 yrs since we last procured new fighter aircraft. Last fighter aircraft was Su-30MKI which was delivered in 2002. Today, 18 yrs later we're getting a modern, highly capable fighter. You must view this also under the backdrop of the present scenario where we have major threat from our northern neighbours. Rafale coming at this juncture is very important not only to the IAF but to India itself.”

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